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  1. I just sent off my acceptance to the offer of admission to Wycliffe/TST. It feels so good to finally have a place to go, and a place where I think I'll fit in very well. Good luck to the rest of you who are still waiting for news!
  2. I haven't always lived in Tennessee (I'm a Pennsylvania native), but I know for sure it will cost a lot more to live in Toronto than here. My wife is an occupational therapist, so we are looking into what she can do to be certified up there. I'm also hoping to get part time work. I guess TST used to have a six month waiting period for students to start working but that's no longer an issue. From what I was just told by Wycliffe I can work a max of 20 hours, which isn't a ton, but I wouldn't want to work too much while in a program. I do want to actually graduate. That site is helpful. Than
  3. While I really do want to accept my offer to Wycliffe/TST, I still haven't heard from five other schools and want to be a little more informed. The issue I'm wondering about is if I receive an offer to another school that offers me more money, am I better off accepting an offer for more money at a school with less resources, or taking less money and being at a school with more resources? I guess this is all hypothetical, because I might not get any more offers, but I can't help thinking about it.
  4. I applied to UVA last year and they were the LAST school that I heard from. I don't think I got my rejection notice until late March or early April, which is what you already observed. I hope you have a better experience than I did though.
  5. I was just accepted to Wycliffe in Toronto. It says finances are given by the individual colleges in one of the PDFs they sent. I guess we will have to wait and see on those. After getting rejected to every school last year and to one this year it feels so good to finally get in!!
  6. It says beneath there, "Decision Made: A decision on your application has been made and you should be be able to view the decision letter on this checklist within 3 business days of the decision date. This delay from when the decisions are made by the programs to when the information appears on the checklist is to allow for review by both the department and the Graduate Admissions office. Please check back after 3 business days from the decision date shown to see the letter." I guess that means they will have the decisions up by Monday or Tuesday. Makes me nervous.
  7. Got an email from Wycliffe (Toronto) today saying that they are extending their bursary application deadline to Tuesday. I guess that means they won't be extending any offers within the next few days.
  8. I'm assuming it's through the Divinity School. It's not that uncommon for seminary/divinity school PhD programs for their to be a philosophy of religion track alongside theology, church history, NT, OT, etc.
  9. I just got an email from Dayton asking me how I heard of their program. Talk about a letdown.
  10. I figured people wouldn't know for sure per say, but I didn't know if one of the UK waitlisted people had any insight into the school's process.
  11. I haven't commented on here yet because I'm largely applying for theology programs, but I did apply to two philosophy programs. I saw that so far there has been one rejection and two waitlists from Kentucky. I haven't heard anything from them yet. Do any of the people who received waitlist notifications know anything about how Kentucky notifies people? I'm trying to figure out if I've been unofficially waitlisted under the people who received official notifications or if they're just procrastinating in sending out rejections.
  12. I'm assuming that's the case (mine's at Wycliffe). I just wonder how much longer it will take the other colleges to notify us.
  13. Last week I got a rejection email from SLU. Then today I open my mailbox, and there's a rejection letter from SLU. Why do schools have to rub it in that they don't want you?
  14. Now that I look again I see you're right. I just know I got an email in January that said they would announce results in mid-February, so I got my hopes up that news would come in soon.
  15. I see in the results that someone got into Toronto. Which college did you apply to? Just wondering because I applied to Wycliffe and I'm anxiously awaiting news.
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