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  1. GRE scores can't get you in, but they sure as hell can keep you out...
  2. It really is a crapshoot. I hope everything works out and you wind up in polar-vortex Cambridge though. If so, look at living at the Cronkite Center - very close to the Ed school, competitive rent, and a solid community that forms.
  3. They almost certainly will keep you waiting until March 15 +/- 3 days. They did the same to me with the ThD - made their decisions a couple weeks before announcing.
  4. They are meeting to do admissions today. Too late.
  5. So, that's why professors were acting odd. In at HDS. Edit: I'm Religion and Society and a masters student there currently.
  6. I know one American Religious History (or cognate name) person who got in there.
  7. Kleets712

    Waco, TX

    Hey ya'll, Possibly starting a PhD in Religion at Baylor this Summer - any idea where a guy and his gal might buy a relatively nice condo/apt.? We're really into lofts, if that's something someone knows about, but we could do anywhere without undergrads. Willing to drive in.
  8. Well, more bad news - faculty-person said that ThD results for HDS won't be out until Friday.
  9. Anyone got the low down on when PTS will send decisions out? Seems like everything is delayed this year.
  10. I'm hoping Emmanuel will come through with a competitive offer, but I'm not overly optimistic. It seems like a cool place, with great resources, in a world-class city though...
  11. Just heard from Toronto. Anyone know what to expect from funding at Emanuel?
  12. Confirmed Emory is "holding" my application which seems like a waitlist kinda sorta.
  13. Got clarification that it was the American Civ at Harvard where the acceptance was - not religion. My bad, I assumed said person was at Div. school with me and therefore had applied in the yard with the CSR.
  14. Someone I know heard from Harvard's committee on the study of religion. No clue if it was official or not.
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