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  1. No letter, but I received an acceptance offer from my POI! I am over-the-moon-excited right now!
  2. Oh man, I wish I could attend! I agree that going to a national conference sends a signal that you are really interested and resourceful. I, however, used up my resourcefulness on attending Society for Neuroscience in New Orleans this last fall, and on attending CNS in April, where I will be presenting a poster. But I am super jealous of those of you who will be attending! I am sure it will be fabulous.
  3. Did anyone else apply to the Georgetown LCN program? I'm trying to gauge when I should give up on hearing from them, and I haven't seen any mention of them in the forum. Thanks!
  4. That's a tough one! I think if you let them know you are waiting on other schools before you decide you are pretty much killing your chances of admittance. That being said, it would be rude to agree to attend and then back out if they have spent any money on preparing for your visit. So I suppose it depends on how much preparation the school goes though for their interviewees. If you do get a better offer for the same weekend and decide to take it, you are also probably going to lose out on the first school, because asking for a Skype interview instead is sending a clear message of their ranki
  5. CS is a really good idea. I minored in Religious Studies, which was a blast, but not particularly helpful for getting into grad school. However, it aligned with my research interests, so I still feel it will be useful long-term. My advisor recommends minoring in CS/programming, math, or stats.
  6. I applied to one cog neuro program - my interest is social cognitive neuroscience, so it's a tossup which sub-area the POI is in.
  7. I'm looking forward to meeting those of you who will be attending the UCLA social area interview! Good luck to us all.
  8. NoPlanB, can you also send me the POI? Congrats! I had the same issue with my application status saying incomplete. It now says complete, but my transcripts are listed as 'Not Official', despite being very much official.
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