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  1. Hey guys. I just got an email with an ID and details regarding my admission offer!
  2. Could you add me to the discussion please? I have been admitted both to WWS MPA and MPA/ID too and won't know what to do!! (depending on HKS giving me funding)
  3. I'm in too! Really happy (and shocked!)
  4. I just received an email from NYU Wagner. Admitted!
  5. Received notification! Admitted to the MPAID!!!!!
  6. I found this (for MPAID applicants) Harvard Kennedy School MPAID (Public Administration For International Development), Masters (F14) Other via Phone on 11 Mar 2014 I 11 Mar 2014 I just spoke to the Harvard Kennedy School admissions office, and they said that decisions won't start to role out for another week (which I think is contradictory to what was published on the blog a few weeks ago...)
  7. Has anyone heard about HKS 2014 decisions?
  8. I believe they didn't update the final date from last year (I think they sent decisions on Friday 15th). So, they are probably sending decisions this friday (March 14th)
  9. Accepted!! ... no funding though. Waiting for the others!
  10. Scores finally updated.. 152V (53%) - 161Q (83%) - 4.5 AW (73%) I don't know what to think.. I'm within score ranges in most Public Policy schools... but not sure yet (I should have taken the GRE more seriously). As a note, I recently saw GRE scores from a friend that was admitted at HKS (MPA/ID) and he got 94% in Quant (800), 35% in Verbal (don't remember the score) and 4.0 in AW... His TOEFL is 108. Hopefully our profiles are very very similar and we even have published working papers together....
  11. Thank you for your replies! I was thinking in retaking it but I am not sure.. My scores are within range in many universities (for instance, NYU doesn't requires GRE .. And Harvard states in its web that the minimum requirement is 80th percentile (I think my quant score is near 86th percentile). Also, do you think the verbal score is relevant if english is not my native language? Another thing. Is it worth it to retake it if I already sent the scores? I thought they were enough.....
  12. Hi everybody, I just took the TOEFL and GRE exams and my scores are 110/120 in the TOEFL and 161Q - 152V in the GRE (don't know the AW because I just took the exam). I want to apply to the MPA/ID program from HKS, and the MPA or MPP programs from Princeton, Chicago, Columbia and NYU... What do you think about my scores? Are they ok or should I retake some exam? Thank you very much,
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