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  1. Does the checklist appear after you submit (after some time)? I already submitted and don't have access to a checklist via my online application. Sorry, I'm so confused and no one at the office is picking up!
  2. Is there any way to easily track if scores, transcripts have been recieived? I submitted all of those items but I don't see it via the portal. Thanks!
  3. I'm feeling a lot of anxiety about apps -- I think I have a story to tell, but I'm nervous about some of my stats. Any thoughts on my chances? Applying to: HKS, Harris, SIPA, Georgetown, Ford Undergrad Institution: Top 5 undergraduate business school  Undergrad GPA: 3.5  Undergrad Major: Finance  GRE: 160Q / 154V / 5.0 (tests have never been my strong point -- this makes me nervous!)  Work Experience: Total: 5 years (plus significant side projects outside of my day job). 2 years on wall street a top global bank and then transitioned to a notable tech company with a strong international focus for my role; I also started a company during college (it's success and failures are a huge part of my story and reason for going back to school). Somewhat related to this venture, over the past two years I started a non-profit with a global presence and international team (the mission ties to my mpp goals in some ways). This has led to some exciting speaking opportunities and recogonition, particularly in the past year. LORs: Solid. SOP: Pretty decent. I usually consider myself a solid writer and I try to take an edgy approach with my writing when it seems relevant and suitable. Thoughts: I'm mainly worried about my stats. My GPA isn't that strong, though in a competitive major. But my GRE is a big issue. I think I can slide by with my quant score, but my verbal is totally not representative of my skills.
  4. How do schools view updates post the application submission? I recently booked a pretty major speaking engagement that allows me the platform to speak on a topic related to my policy area of interest. Would this be worthwhile to send in as part of my app? If so, do I just send an email saying this? Thoughts?
  5. Just got my "complete" status e-mail from HKS today. I feel like I keep going back to look at my app lol...bad idea What are everyone's stats like?
  6. I've heard that the quant score matters more in many MPP programs. My scores are 160Q//154V. I think the 160 is an OK benchmark for quant based on my research here, but I'm a bit concerned about my verbal. Any thoughts there? I'm a native English speaker and I've actually worked at a nationally ranked new publication and have been a published author...but I clearly seemed to have cracked on the verbal exam. Do you think this will be a major roadblock at HKS, SIPA, Harris etc?
  7. Target Schools: HKS, Harris, Goldman, Wilson, Columbia Quick Profile Review: GRE Scores: V: 159 Q: 161 GPA: 3.5 Background: Finance/Intl Business at top 5 undergraduate business school Languages: Work Experience (~5 Years Upon Matriculation) international banking experience at large global bank large tech company (focusing on strategy for international growth) founder of global non-profit operating across 5 countries speaker at various large-scale events (corporate, non-profit) published author Career Goals: I've had an interesting blend of finance/technology/international development experience throughout my career thus far both professionally and via international projects outside of work that I have personally pursued or established. I am eager to blend my interests and hope to enter the impact investing space or venture into an economic development role. I'm a bit unsure about the caliber of my gre scores for these types of programs -- I seem to be on the lower end. Any feedback? Do you think my background can offset my scores?
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