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  1. Well, a quick update. I had been told that I should consider myself not accepted to university of Calgary in mid-May. Since they were done notify acceptances, I moved on. Just got my admission notification today. Wha?????? So, I have declined their offer and hopefully opened a spot for someone here. It's UVic for me, and the plane tickets are bought!!!!!
  2. Well, I got some very happy news today and an offer to attend UVic. I had been eighth on the waitlist. This was my first choice, and so I have decided to withdraw from my spot at Dalhousie. If there is anyone here waiting on a spot at Dal, I've just opened one up, and maybe for you! I just wanted to say to everyone on this topic thank you for your support. It has been great having someone to commiserate and be anxious with. Now I am working on how I will balance full time work, school, and two little kids. Wish me luck! Waitlisted: McMaster Still waiting for any kind of form
  3. It is a good school, and you're not really hearing me complain. I had just really liked the UVic and UCal programs in particular. But at the end of the day you are right: I am in at Dalhousie, and determined to make the most of it. And if I decide to travel to Halifax for convocation, my sister and her family can be in the audience cheering me on Congrats to all who got in, and to those who didn't, keep trying.
  4. I talked to the Graduate Studies advisor yesterday by phone, and she said that all of the acceptances have been completed and they are working on rejections and waitlisted people now. So, if you haven't heard back yet (like me), it isn't good news Looks like it's going to be Dalhousie for me, unless a miracle happens and UVic moves through their waitlist........
  5. You aren't the only one who hasn't heard, and I am just as frustrated. Don't assume it's a reject tho - I was told that all candidates will receive word, whether it's a yes or a no. And they initially said they would tell everyone by the end of March, then that got pushed back to the end of April. Clearly, they are having some problems with communication with everyone.
  6. I am also waiting impatiently. The graduate studies secretary returned my email last week and said that they will have notifications out by the end of April. So much for the original timeline of the end of March......
  7. I haven't heard either, and I'm just about ready to explode. I applied to the Leadership in Human Services Track - and you? Applied: UVic, McMaster, U of Calgary, Dalhousie Waitlisted: UVic, McMaster Accepted: Dalhousie Attending:
  8. Oh please, oh please.... has anyone else heard from University of Calgary's Leadership in Social Services track? I'm about to chew my arm off.......
  9. @MSW13: Highly unlikely I can do my practicum at my workplace, but that's ok. My employer will let me use vacation time and unpaid leave to get it done. I'm kind of flipping out right now though, as I just got an e-mail from UCal, and they never received my transcript (even though I called McMaster and confirmed by telephone that the darn things were sent!). Now I'm scrambling to re-send my own imaged copy of my transcript because they didn't get all of it the first time and ask Mac to resend the official version. All of this after I called UCal in late December and asked if they had every
  10. @ MSW13: My preferred schools are Victoria and Calgary, both because I think their programs best match my learning goals, and I like both the flexibility of distance education and getting it done full time. Dalhousie is available part time only, which means less pressure, but a much longer time to get it done. I am lining myself up for advancement to a management position in my agency, and while they have made it clear that they would like to promote me, they will not offer even an formal interview until the MSW is completed (not merely in progress). I am eighth on the list for UVic, a
  11. michmenhennet Hi all, I'm a new member and I wish I had known about this forum back in late November when I was writing my application letters with a box of Kleenex and a bottle of wine! At any rate, it's nice to know I am not alone in the waiting game. I am frustrated by the waiting list phenomenon, and I am wondering if anyone can speak to this experience. This is my first time applying and I am wondering how realistic it is to expect admission based on position in a wait list. How much movement is there, normally? Does anyone know? BTW, Calgary is the last school I am waiting t
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