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  1. i may attend UCLA as a masters student in student affairs. i recently filled out a housing form for UCLA's weyburn apartments (they are 15K/year WTF haha) but my program is only for one-year...
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    San Diego, CA

    im a fifth-year UCSD undergrad. costs for a single near campus will cost around $750-$900. some of the popular apartments are costa verde, the venetian, costa verde towers, regents court, international gardens, pines la jolla, and la jolla terrace. i found my place through craigslist and going in person and talking to the land lady. ACTUALLY, they recently postponed any shuttle changes that were going to occur next year indefinitely. not saying that they won't happen but i know for at least a year, they won't. yeah it really is, especially for undergrads. but i think graduate students get B-spot parking permits and there are usually quite a few on campus.
  3. i don't think its bad to have prestige as a factor in your decision -- i feel that we are making an investment in going to masters programs. i think ucla is around 30K to attend though (15K tuition + 15K university housing (single at weyburn)).
  4. cool! we may be attending the same undergrad school? haha yeah, i visited UCLA's Preview Day a few weeks ago. it was GREAT! the cohort members were great, as well as the faculty. i feel the strong points of the program are: -EXTREMELY ACCESSIBLE faculty -TOP faculty in student affairs teaching courses -can work more than one internship -small cohort model (i think this year there is 17 people that were selected) -small class size -EMPHASIS of job placement at the end of program -NASPA oriented -BOTH theory and practitioner based ZeChocMoose, thank you for your well-written response!! yeah, i attended UCLA's preview day and it was pretty informative. unfortunately, i couldn't attend UPenn's preview day but I am kind of biased to UCLA due to financial costs and being able to visit their campus. that being said though, UCLA's program seems pretty flexible (can choose four electives) in making it more policy like. for some reason, i couldn't find UPenn's curriculum (only broad information: take five classes per semester, etc). yeah, i am a little scared that one-year programs may not be seen as favorable for hiring managers due to only have one-year of experience...but i know that UCLA program staff works hard to place recent graduates into jobs (and supposedly everyone places in a job according to preview day).
  5. I am actually struggling between UCLA and Penn. I couldn't go to preview day -- what made Penn awesome in your opinion?
  6. Hi All! I was accepted to a Master's in Student Affairs at UCLA and a Master's in Higher Education at Penn (Uni of Penn). I am having an extremely tough time picking between the two. Both are one-year programs and will help me gain a career in Student Affairs (and eventually become a Dean of Students or similar). However, I kind of want to do some policy work too in the future (and I think Penn's program can prepare me for that more than UCLA's). UCLA is much cheaper to attend compared to Penn, however, I don't know if it is worth turning down an Ivy League school... I was also accepted to USC's Master's in Post-Secondary Administration and Student Affairs BUT I most likely won't go there due to the EXTREMELY high financial costs. But I am open to any USC advice as well! Please reply and thank you in advance!
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