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  1. Sorry to hear the news, enjay. I still haven't heard anything. I guess I'll get my rejection tomorrow? Do they not send them all out at once?
  2. Anyone have any updates? I thought we were supposed to hear on Friday.
  3. When does it become acceptable to contact a department directly and ask for a timeline on when decisions will be released?
  4. Anyone want to claim the Boston College master's admit?
  5. Anyone care to claim the Social Thought admit on the results board? When was the email sent?
  6. Anyone care to claim one of the two acceptances? When did the email come out?
  7. Received email from Notre Dame at 12am this morning. First response. Very excited to get an offer.
  8. Anybody here apply to Chicago's Committee on Social Thought? Any idea when acceptances might go out? I know some Political Science decisions have already been communicated.
  9. Is anybody willing to share an SOP for the theory subfield? I know that we're supposed to show fit, but how detailed should the proposal be? Should one merely indicated areas of interest, e.g., early modern political philosophy, or should one list potential dissertation topics?
  10. Thanks, all. Another question: if I retake and my V or writing drops, will schools take my best scores and combine? I hear it varies, but is there a general practice?
  11. Finished my GRE. V164, Q155, W5.5. Does my quant score disqualify me from serious consideration? Looking at Notre Dame, Chicago, and Boston College.
  12. New poster and political theorist here. I am planning on applying to several political science Ph.D programs in the near future. However, the program that most interests me is Chicago's Committee on Social Thought. I would still like to apply to the traditional political science department. Would applying to both programs hurt either application? I'm unsure how two applications might be received. This forum has some great information. I'm hoping someone has some insight into my question. Thanks!
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