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    I am interested in humanitarianism and conflict in Africa broadly, specializing in east-central Africa. Have MA in African Studies, BA in Global Studies, & BA in History hoping to start PhD in anthropology soon.
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  1. Smaller cohort may mean better relationship with both your advisers and your peers, but definitely be on the lookout for problems - may be downsizing, but that's not necessarily a death knell. I'm joining an incredibly small program and had similar worries, but hopefully all will go well!
  2. Is there a good resource for finding housing, other than craigslist? Heading to GWU this fall and trying to get a sense of what's available over the next 2 months. Thanks!
  3. backslash

    New Haven, CT

    East Rock is a little ways away - many people bike to school - but after 6pm there is a shuttle from the law school that will take you to your door for free, which comes in handy. Wooster Square is a shorter walk (but still a ways), and the downtown area is close, if you're looking for a shorter commute.
  4. Hi all, I'll be joining the anthro program this fall. Hope to see you around!
  5. Also waiting (for anthro). According to the results page, they've issued some decisions as recently as this week, so it may be ongoing. Fingers crossed!
  6. And, in my experience at least, rejection letters are sent out as early (usually earlier) than acceptance, as they try to cut through the mass of applications. Glad some of you are hearing positive news!
  7. I applied to 6, rejected by 2, still waiting on the others. Definitely wishing I applied to more, but I also agree with what a lot of people have said here: when it comes to grad school you it's probably better to work, gain experience, and try again next year rather than go to a school that doesn't really fit. a PhD is a long haul if you don't have relevant faculty members of don't really feel like you fit in.
  8. Thanks so much for the tips, everyone. I'll keep those schools in mind. For others looking for the same info, I spoke to a couple of recent hires in political science and they told me to steer clear of UCLA and NYU, which are very quantitative-centric.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I'm in an area studies MA program right now, and most of the scholars studying the topics I specialize in are either political scientists or anthropologists. I'm looking at both types of PhD programs, just trying to figure out what will be the best fit. I'll do a little more digging on fields and professors. How closely should potential advisers and I match in terms of interests? Is working in the same geographic area or studying similar concepts elsewhere enough, or should it be more related?
  10. Hi all, I'm currently debating a lot between political science and anthropology, and I'm wondering if anybody has insight as to which schools are more qualitative in their emphasis? I know political science as a field has gotten pretty quantitative over the years, and I know I'll have to study statistics regardless, but I'm looking for programs that are less about the numbers, where a dissertation relying on ethnography can be pursued. Anybody in these types of programs, or know of any? I'm interested in studying conflict in sub-Saharan Africa, humanitarianism, and US-Africa relations, if
  11. Hi all, I'm new to the site, but planning on applying to sociocultural anthropology (and probably political science) PhD programs this round. I've got way too long of a list of programs to share, but hope to narrow it down soon. I'm interested in studying conflict in sub-Saharan Africa, and my focus is a rebel group in east-central Africa. I'm relatively new to the anthro field, and am still learning the ropes. I'm curious if anyone has insight - when looking at PhD programs, how closely should potential advisers' research match with the applicants? A lot of the scholars working in the reg
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