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  1. Thanks for the info, Delurker, and congrats on your admit. Wheninhell, did you get an interview? I didn't, so I really don't understand why I/we wouldn't have just been included on the email blast today.
  2. Congrats on the other offer! I'm just waiting for the letter from them to put this process to rest for a few months and then prepare to apply next year. I can't finish my master's with all this uncertainty hanging overhead.
  3. I think that Stanford sent letters to both their admits and their waitlists a few weeks ago. I really wish they'd get on with it though--they're the last school I'm waiting to hear back from and some closure via an official rejection would be nice! I'd be pretty surprised if we didn't get our letters tomorrow, though. I guess we'll know soon....
  4. Hey Jake--sent you a pm in response. It should be in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  5. Just spoke with Brown--all acceptances went out yesterday. No word on when rejection and wait list letters will be coming out. Congratulations to everyone who got in!
  6. Congrats!! Do you mind telling us when you got the email? It seems like in past year they've sent out all the decisions at once. I'm wondering if they're going to send out rejections tomorrow morning.
  7. Yep--they did say mid-February and when I called last week they said between mid and late February. Of course, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the results came out this week. It's strange that only one person got an email, especially since it's over embark and not just a personal email from a P.O.I.
  8. Someone just posted an acceptance from Brown--has anyone else heard back yet?
  9. Duke just posted their results. Nothing on my end, but congrats to everyone who got in!
  10. Nope, wasn't me. I know that this is/has been a really hard time for everyone and that waiting is the hardest part of this whole process. But I'm beginning to see that we shouldn't write off any schools until we hear back from them officially. I think that a number of schools don't have a formal interview process but will interview a candidate that they're interested in, but want to know more about (maybe there's something inconsistent about their application or there's a hole in it or they just want to see if the person really is all that). Either way, I know that Brown hasn't interviewed all
  11. Hey Anthroman--I just applied to schools that I thought were the best fit, faculty-wise. I don't feel too optimistic at this point, but I guess we'll see.
  12. And since I was on a bit of a spree, I found out that Brown's decisions are coming out in mid-February.
  13. I caved and called Duke. I asked if all semi-finalists have been contacted and I was told that "all decisions would be finalized next week." One week, folks!
  14. Congrats, Savagemind. It seems like someone should call Duke and confirm that all semi-finalists are being interviewed (as opposed to just some of the semi-finalists) before people begin to lose all hope. Any takers? I would, but I need to muster up the courage to call Brown.
  15. I can't speak to the veracity of programs admitting students right after the deadline---I guess that some do. Nonetheless, I spoke with the chair of the committee and he told me that Harvard wouldn't be reviewing until later in the month, so any acceptances before then are bogus. Also, I just looked and the result that sparked this discussion has been taken down.
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