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  1. You'll be fine for an MDiv - I even think you'll get generous funding at Vandy (80% range, maybe).
  2. Also, I should probably post this: I'm interested in the tools of congregational studies/practical theology for researching how communities of faith initiate and sustain social activism. The plus is that means that I can apply to a wide variety of places - practical theology, ethics and society, even some church history stuff and religious studies. BU School of Theology (PhD Practical Theology) UVA Religious Studies (PhD Religious Studies) Vanderbilt Divinity School (PhD Religion - Ethics and Society) Harvard Divinity School (ThD) Princeton Theological Seminary (PhD - Practical Theology) E
  3. Hey ya'll, Just wondering about a particular question that I had. Have you found that you're able to submit applications without having all your professors submit their letters electronically? I really want to submit my apps to doctoral programs, and I don't want to wait for my letter writers. Anyone know whether that's possible, or a 50/50 split, or not usually? I'm just trying to figure out strategy. Thanks!
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