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  1. Current student involved with admissions here - it's closer to 48, but 50% is a good rule. It's one of the dirty secrets, but many current MDivs would like to believe it was higher. MTS fluctuates - 30-45% depending on the year.
  2. I mainly put that in there to manage people's anxiety. If you haven't gotten an invite from BU and you applied, you shouldn't be worried. It's not as if they sent them out at the same time. Instead, my POI and the subdisicpline of the program wanted to have an interview - different subdisciplines could handle it differently. The distinction was to basically say - this seems like it was not like Baylor's all or nothing email system - it was more POI/subdiscipline based. I'm just wary of people fretting when they should not. I should note I have met with this professor a couple times be
  3. Just contacted via email for interview at BU. So, when you see that result, know it's mine. It seemed casual, in person, and likely instituted by POI or sub discipline (as opposed to institutional). Multiple people seemed like they would be there however.
  4. HDS MDiv has a 50% admit rate - I hope that helps calm your anxiety.
  5. So, after browsing PTS's results page, I'm not convinced that interviews are an institutional thing. It seems more likely that a professor emailed and asked if they could talk further via Skype (all acceptance/rejection/wait list besides that interview invite) Maybe I'm horribly wrong - anyone got input on this?
  6. Can't say for sure Calebm12, but I can say my invite was in historical studies and has a 24 hour time limit for you to accept the invite to preview weekend.
  7. Stillwaiting, Radio silence on that end so far. If you hear anything, let us know.
  8. I know that Harvard doesn't, MBIGrad Now, does anyone know what the deal is with Emory? Staggered process it looks like, but also a smattering of physical and Skype interviews? I'm fighting the urge to call the dept. and just ask if all interview invites have been extended.
  9. Heard that Theology at Emory has sent interview announcements.
  10. Thanks for the info, my favorite painter!
  11. That's a really cool story, and not in a "cool story, bro" kind of way. It seems like most places will be notifying in mid-February, which makes UNC almost a month earlier than everyone else. Good for them!
  12. Applying for pastorates around the country. To be honest, either one could work out and I'll be reasonably happy.
  13. Twilight, Current HDS Mdiv applying to doctoral programs here. HDS loves nontraditional ministry, and the funding is much more generous for it. When switching (extremely easy to do), you keep the same funding, which makes it less desirable to switch to Mdiv rather than starting out with it (MTS has less funding). The advice I always give to those stuck in the middle is to go Mdiv, build a shadow resume through practical experience, get really excellent funding, and spend an extra year with professors. I consider it a win - win - win at HDS.
  14. Hey, moyru. Just to let you know - I'm a student at HDS, and I happen to know a nice couple with two cats who found a place that doesn't charge pet rent. Somerville has a lot of diverse housing arrangements, so don't worry about that just yet.
  15. Yeah, this was yesterday, but I checked and my file showed as complete. So, I guess that means I'm in the clear hopefully.
  16. 3-4 minutes - Not sure about the function.
  17. Also, such a weird email from BU: "Greetings from the Boston University School of Theology! Thank you for applying to the School's doctoral program. We have received your application, and want to invite you to submit a video as a first step in the interview process for admission to the program." A video? Come on.
  18. Thanks, TherewillbeLuke, I just wanted to make sure it gets recorded before people go on break, so that it'll be ready to be reviewed in January. I called today, but no one picked up. An clue why that was?
  19. After this application cycle, I'm all out!
  20. So, PTS requires a background check and that took a couple extra days to come in for me. Does anyone know how badly this will affect my application there? Is there a general expectation of some trickle in, or is this bad news bears? I submitted everything supplemental well in advance.
  21. For the record, I'd like to hear about your cat, Winston - he sounds cute.
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