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  1. Admitted at BU - all decisions made and calls are rolling out right now. I'm freaking out.
  2. For the Toronto School of Theology post, I'm wondering if they notify via college, or how the notification came to you. I've got an app in over at Emanuel.
  3. It is pure torture waiting for this Friday!
  4. Eco, Wasn't me, but I bet money it wasn't the school of theology that announced, but the Study of Religion dept. at Toronto.
  5. Well, now you definitely have a powerful tool at your disposal!
  6. Haha, my bad. The "results search" tab on this website. Then, just search "religio*" in the search function. Two people have posted that they are in.
  7. Oh, no, I mean on the "results search" tab - enter "religio*" in search and you'll see.
  8. No, just seeing results on the page. Bummer.
  9. That's this Friday! I'm a giant ball of stress for this week.
  10. I didn't but I had a close friend who did. I'm anxiously awaiting BU's notification this Friday.
  11. My understanding is there's no wait list at UNC, and that once the offer's out, it's out.
  12. BU's results allegedly come out this Friday. I had an interview, and felt like it went well, so here's to positive thoughts.
  13. Might be dissolving into PhD as soon as next year - within five absolutely. That was one of the main things that came from the report.
  14. There was a big study done about the status of the study of religion at Harvard, and what they found was that the measurables (GPA, GRE) were on par with other professional schools at Harvard. The problem is the admit rate. As I've stated before, it hovers around 50%, which is by far the highest. The counter is that we have a "self-selecting" applicant pool, but really this is a conversation about why an institution like Harvard should care about training religious professionals (or why they have a church in the center of Harvard Yard).
  15. HDS is continually having to justify its existence to a university that truly wonders why they should be involved in training religious professionals. If anything, HDS will be getting rid of its ThD and contemplating admitting fewer people and cutting classes over the next ten years. A DMin will likely never be offered.
  16. There are a couple programs to spend some time in DC (a semester or two) studying at a Methodist seminary there and working on public policy. Other than that, I haven't heard anything.
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