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  1. Is my research topic significant?

    I would agree with danieleWrites and Mocha - the the topic fo cyberspace is significant and interestign and important, but you'd better choose some more specific examples, such as the role of social media in creating public awareness about a particular event. In other words you should choose a very specifc phenomena and narrow down your topic as much as you can. Your question can be only as significant an interesting as you make it.
  2. Bibliography tools?

    I'm in love with Endnote. As soon as I started using it, I have no problems with citing my sources. Moreoverm it saves the materials I once used and allows to create something similar to your personal database. I highly recommend you this tool
  3. Rolling Admission Makes My Stomach Roll!

    Decaf, my heartiest congrats I'm just like you - always start to panic a bit early. Child of 2 - your signature makes people crazy I scratched my screen before readign the comments of others. Have a good week, everyone!
  4. Is 30 too late to start on a pharmacy PHD program?!!

    I don't think there's such thing as too late when it comes to application. If you feel like this program can change your life for better, you definitely should go for it. I think that realization that you need to change soething is the best motivation possible. I think this informed choice might b your advantage over other applicants. Good luck with your study and the application process!
  5. tablet as substitute for paper notes?

    I'm sure that tablet is an excellent substitute to scrappy paper notes. Some peopel have difficulties switchign to the innovative technologies and waste plenty of time on handwritign and further retyping of notes. Even though some psychologists claim that writing something in blue ink might help you memorize it, typing your lecture notes can save you plenty of time and effort.
  6. Awkward Situation

    I think you should listen to your heart in any situaion. If you don;t feel liek fighting for that girl, you don't have to. It's simple as that. Just relax - this situation isn't that awkward as you think. Ask yourself if it will be important in a couple of years. I guess your answer will be no. So, why worry now then?
  7. Is this normal/appropriate?

    I don't think you should pay before your professor answers if you ought to. It can be mere misunderstanding and he is unavailable at the moment for some personal reasons. I think that if you were expected to pay $300. he would have told you about it right from the start. If it's a complete surprise to you, it's probably some kind o misunderstanding.
  8. I agree with all the tips that have been given above. Just in case you have no time to leave it for a week or two - ypu can get a fresh eye much quicker. All you need to do is to change your activity for something absolutely different than writing - watch a hilarious video, talk to a friend, take a long walk with your dog (or alone if you haven't got one). It might help you to refresh much quicker. Another way to get a new perspective is to print it out or read it aloud backwards. Good luck. Don't give typos a single chance.
  9. Sh*t people say when you are applying to grad school

    I always knew people are so similar in so many ways I've already heard nearly everything enlisted here. My personal favorite is: "Everything will be ok even if you don't get anywhere." Thanks, it's exactly what I didn't want to think of.
  10. Facing Reality

    I don't think you need to worry about it. Just be prepared to work hard and change the pace of your life. It's up to you to find enough time for everything. It's only your attitude that does make all the difference. With the current level of modern technologies, you might save time on have some time left to spend with your friends. My personal advice is to improve your time management. There's time for everything, as they say the time flies, but we are the pilots.