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  1. I'm going to be planning a wedding! Definitely AFTER I graduate. http://youtu.be/u54n9_43HWs
  2. Basically, a bunch of browsing/emailing on craigslist in different categories. This one was in the "apartments by owner" category, which I liked, since there is no broker fee. It's on Western Ave - right near the business school and Charles River. It's actually in a neat location because it's equidistant from both the Central Square and Harvard Square stops. I'd say it's a hassle trying to find things on your own but it's definitely doable. Someone also recommended https://livelovely.com/
  3. I'm holding it for move in in August. =) The current tenant will be moving out in the summer and the owner was trying to find a replacement tenant.
  4. and it accepts ALL my fur babies! It's within walking distance to campus, comes furnished, and includes parking. I went to Boston last week for my school's open house and to check out potential housing. I only saw a couple of places, and I'm glad that one of the places ended up working out. I signed the lease and submitted the security deposit/last month's rent, so everything is looking good. That's one less thing to worry about. =) Also, Boston is amazing. I love it. I am in love with my program, my cohort, and just everything. I'm seriously so excited.
  5. Thanks for all your tips! I really appreciate it! So even if I don't plan on moving out until August, would it be possible to secure a place now? How would that work?
  6. So now it's hit me - this is for real. I'm moving across the country to study at HARVARD. If someone had told me this when I was a kid, I wouldn't have believed me. I was still in my mother's womb when she came to this country. We lived out of a car and in crummy motels. I even lived in foster care for a bit. I never would have thought someone from my background would achieve something like this. I'm excited - no doubt about that - but I'm also starting to stress out. I am receiving some financial aid, which I am grateful for - but I'm still going to have to take out some loans to
  7. Hahah I remember there being like 3 or 4 others. They just haven't posted recently.
  8. As much as I love my cat, my mother is quite attached to him and begged for me to let him stay with her. I figured I might as well leave him with her so he can keep her company. She's going to need it. So, as of now, it will just be me, the boyfriend, and the pups traveling to the other coast. I've booked my flights for admit days and I'm pretty excited. I've never been to Boston so I'm eager to explore the area. Every day I'm just like, "wow, this is actually happening. this is for real" but it still seems pretty surreal.
  9. What I mean by outdoors is he chills on the porch or fence most of the time. He'd be fine indoors, too. Thanks for the tips/info.
  10. Hahahah. My mom is super attached to my cat so there's a possibility she might watch him for a year. He's a bit older and I worry about how the move will affect him. I'd really like to take him but I don't want him to stress out.
  11. I have an older cat that spends most of his time outdoors. I also have two dogs - one is a chihuahua/terrier mix and one is a pomeranian/terrier mix.
  12. http://youtu.be/V8DeON8Sr1U
  13. Hey all! I just found out I was admitted to Harvard. I'm pretty excited but also freaking out about housing, especially since I have pets. What are my options?
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