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  1. meowth

    holy shit

    Oh yeah, because I'm totally going into sociology for the money. And I bet going to a non-top-20 PhD is totally worse than my current jobs - working food service part time and working nearly minimum wage at the library. If I go to grad school now, I might be, gasp, underemployed, like I'm not already! I guess what I dislike about this post is that you're not providing any other options or advice. Not everyone has the credentials to get into a top 20. Really, very few do.
  2. Since I was on campus already, I printed out the stuff I was supposed to give to the grad department, signed it, and turned it in. And it so happened both of the graduate coordinator and the person who does the finances was there, and they were excited enough about me making it official that the coordinator asked if she could give me a hug. So that was cool! And I found out through her that my POI would be interested in working with me (though nothing made official yet, it's good to know, since only so many people can work with each professor). So that was nice. I was just expecting to leave it in a mailbox.
  3. Honestly, the abismally low acceptance rate of psychology programs is one reason I decided to apply to sociology programs instead.
  4. 99.9% certain I'll be attending University of Florida since I've already gotten all my rejections and said no to my one waitlist and one other acceptance. Guess I'll be staying at my alma mater! Nothing fancy, but I got a great assistantship so I'm happy. Besides, at least I already know the area very well. Already picking out an apartment closer to campus! Time has been going by faster since receiving most of the decisions. August is only five month away! I'm ready to start and get out of working crappy jobs. (Then again, being a grad student probably sounds like a crappy job too, but, you know.) Nice to see everyone making their decisions and ending up at awesome places. Congrats! You made it.
  5. I would send them an email! Since I know they already have a waitlist, and I even got an official emailed letter at one point, it seems like you should've heard something by now. They've been pretty quick in replying to my emails too.
  6. Got my rejection from Boston U today, so I guess they're still emailing them out. I think it also said that a copy will arrive by mail at some point. (Thanks?) So I guess I have all my decisions in. And I emailed Albany to ask to be taken off their waitlist. Even if I manage to get off of it, I can't imagine attending a school so far away that I will very likely not even be able to visit first. With that and not being able to get the POIs I wanted even if I did get in... oh well. Still hoping to visit USF this month, but they haven't schedule any official visit day yet. I hope they do soon so I can get the appropriate time off of work. Though I guess I'd be okay if I didn't visit. Besides, there's always the prospect of transferring to another PhD in a couple years, maybe maybe... (Oops, I should probably sound happier. I am happy! It's just been a long application process and yet it will still be until August until we even start, ugh.)
  7. Nothing yet. Glad to see they're finally sending them though.
  8. Thanks, Darth vegan. It's alright, because it also happened that the poi there I was really interested in isn't accepting students in the area I was interested in anymore, and another poi there is retiring, so I think it's fine for me to go somewhere else. Honestly, with that happening my fit probably went down a lot from where I'd thought it'd be. It's all fine though. And I'm glad to see most people are getting in at least one place. And for those who didn't... a gap year isn't too bad! I'm not in school now and it really helped me hone in on my priorities. It also made me realize I want to go to grad school for reasons other than "oh school I'm good at that let's keep going." And there are master's programs, and other ways to gain experience. (And you don't have to go to a top 20.)
  9. E-mailed Albany and turns out I'm still on waitlist for funding, so I guess the acceptance didn't mean much after all? Oh well. I was hoping to visit, consider all options, but I suppose this still isn't much of an option besides a long-shot. They said they probably won't know more until early April, and even if I did get funding by then, I can't imagine agreeing to move across the country without even visiting. But I'm content with what I have. (And since I was inquiring about visiting, they offered to chat on the phone at least, so they've been very nice, but if I'm a decent way down the wait list still, I think I'm probably good? It's hard though because I just hate to rule out anything unless I'm 100% certain.)
  10. Got an email from Albany telling me to check their website for their decision (previously I've been on the waitlist) and the website said I was accepted. But they said info about funding would be communicated separately. Considering they said I was waitlisted in the first place because they said there wasn't enough funding, I'm not really sure what to think about it yet.
  11. I hope a lot of people watched and enjoyed the new Cosmos tonight. I sure did!

    1. PhDerp


      I missed that! :x

    2. doingthings


      AH DIIIIIIDDDDD. I love Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. He's my science hero.

  12. Wow, this thread is dead. I feel like mine all just came really late. Just waiting on Boston now! So, today I got accepted to University of South Florida's Master's program. They offer funding, but only half as much as I've been offered from University of Florida's PhD program. But, I do really like several of the professor's work there, and I've never hung out in Tampa, so I still want to go visit. The e-mail also said they encourage master's studies that do well to continue in their PhD program, so that's good. I also have to consider that it's better not to go to the same school you got your undergrad degree from. Except that UF has more prestige too, so. Anyway, since I haven't gotten accepted anywhere else, I figure I should at least consider this as my other option. Maybe I'll fall in love the the school and area and figure it's worth it despite less funding, prestige, and only being guaranteed for master's? You never know. And even if I don't end up going, maybe I can connect with some professors that could serve as some long-distance mentors, second readers, etc. At some point I also want to get more info on the potential of transferring from one PhD program to another (like applying during your second year so you'd be getting your master's at least), but that's probably for another thread. Because it'd be cool to be able to still consider schools that I either got rejected from this time around, or one's that I felt were so out of my league that I didn't even bother applying.
  13. Glad that Chicago is finally sending out rejections. Finally some closure. And even though I know they offer a ton of people acceptances to MAPSS, it still kind of makes me feel good, since I originally even considered applying to that program (before I realized how absurdly expensive it was).
  14. Just woke up to see I received an email from SUNY Albany just 5 or 10 minutes ago. Waitlisted due to funding they said. While I like that their program offers an MA in women's studies on the way to their PhD in sociology, the POI I was really interested in isn't doing research in that area anymore, and another POI is retiring this year. So I don't know if I'd want to go all the way to Albany if there aren't any POI I'm super interested in plus if the school isn't doing well financially. Maybe if that awesome POI was still doing sexuality research, but all of this combined... maybe not even worth waiting.
  15. I haven't heard anything back from grad schools for a full month now. I'm so glad I got that acceptance in January or I'd be really dying right now. No news in February at all, unless someone sends something this evening... Some rejections for closure at this point might be nice though. Didn't think I'd be waiting long enough to make a "Probably not accepted" category in my signature. They'll probably all be coming in at once. That'll be a sad day.
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