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  1. Schwein

    Albany, NY

    Bump for this year I got accepted into UAlbany's sociology Ph.D. program. I am now looking for housing! I heard that there are student apartments located opposite the uptown campus with heating from October to April. How could I find more information about these apartments?
  2. I am very lucky that I got accepted into two universities I applied. I have made my decision to attend one of the universities (let's call it university A), and I am thinking about declining the offer from the other university (university B). Should I tell the DGS of university B exactly that I am going to university A? Or should I just tell her I am going to another university? Besides, two professors from university B have exchanged email with me to help me know more about their program. Should I also tell these two professors I am not attending?
  3. Schwein

    Albany, NY

    I just accepted the offer from University at Albany, and I want to know how the area is. Specifically, I notice that on-campus housing is not available for graduate students, so I have no choice but to rent an apartment. Because I am an international student, I am not able to attend the visit day to get to know the area in advance. Any suggestions on the housing issues? Many thanks!
  4. Congrats! I got off the waitlist for funding yesterday. Prof. Berman told me the official letter would probably come tomorrow. It is March! People starts to decline their offers!
  5. Does Anyone care to claim the Cornell rejection on the results board?
  6. Congrats! It seems they send out rejs weeks after acceptances!
  7. Did Cornell send out all acceptances? I only see three on the results board. Last year, there were six!
  8. Many thanks. The DGS told me the bureaucracy there is think. ???
  9. Anyone received a funding offer from Michigan State University this year? DGS told me I am on the waitlist for funding and she would be able to tell me about accurate placement by mid-week. But until now there is no update.
  10. I am also waiting for funding. I have been admitted into Albany and MSU, but neither of them is offering me funding at this time. Albany put me on the waitlist for funding. DGS from MSU told me I am on the waitlist for funding and she would tell me my accurate place on the waitlist this week.
  11. Congrats! I am also waiting to hear from UPenn, but since there are already acceptances and waitlists posted on the result board, I think it would probably be a rejection. Besides, I was rejected by Columbia for my phd application and offered ma admission.
  12. Anybody claim the acceptance from Temple? Where on the portal did you find a decision has been made? My application status still says complete and ready for review
  13. Good luck for your visit. At least you can use the chance to ask them about your position on the waitlist.
  14. I suppose Albany does rank the waitlist because my letter appears a little bit different from others. The DGS seems to use different words to describe the chance of finally getting a funding offer for different students. I don't know whether CUNY rank the waitlist. They rejected my application.
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