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  1. There is this campus pride index. Just type the school name and you can find if the universities are LGBT friendly.
  2. I applied. Received a e-mail one month ago or so saying that they have begun to review. But I remember that their results usually are released quite late, at least on March.
  3. Thanks for the information! I notice that some school have campus visit/interviews before they give offers (I believe that's the case with ND?). Maybe schools what give offer directly without interviewing will admit more than what their aimed cohort?
  4. Can school actually demand you to decide so early? I thought most schools follow the 415 timeline.
  5. I think so. The e-mail from the admission website to check arrive one week late than the informal e-mail from DGS.
  6. Thanks! Great advice and sorry for getting back a bit late. Yes, my career goal is getting a tenure track job. I spoke to the DGS several times and he actually told me that he is optimistic about placement because women's and gender studies are still in the process of institutionalization in North America and thus a growing business. I don't know if it's true for other interdisciplinary programs such as American Studies or Area Studies. But from the placement record of the department, most of them landed on WGS department successfully (but they seldom return back to their disciplinary department so I think you are right that symbolic disciplinary boundaries indeed exist. ). One of the professor there actually had a degree in American Studies but he has been teaching in the gender studies department since he graduated. So I guess to some extent, there might exist mobility between interdisciplinary programs? Don't know if that's the case (Or is American Studies program essentially different from area studies such as East Asia studies and we cannot make such generalizations?). Speaking of myself, I mainly study same-sex family and queer Asia studies. The former is kind of family studies PLUS sexuality studies; the latter is more of a combination of area studies and queer studies. I would say that my research is interdisciplinary in essence. So I will probably do the program in gender studies because this kind of research agenda does not fall into the core subfields of sociology and will probably face marginalization there.
  7. They did not mention any specific deadline to accept or decline the offer and just told me to notify them when I decide to go somewhere else so they can extend the offer. I assume they are following the 415 deadline.
  8. Thanks for clarifying! I didn't know how waitlist work, so you are probably right. This is what the DGS said in the offer letter: We have a very competitive pool of applicants for only eight slots in the 2017-18 cohort, so if you find a match with another program, please let us know as soon as you can, so we can extend this offer to one of the candidates from the waitlist I guess her wording "extend this offer to one of the candidates from the waitlist" made me assume that they already got a ranked waitlist and will be extending offer once they have vacancy.
  9. Hi, if you happen to be on the wait list at UConn, I just declined my offer there yesterday and they should be able to extend this offer to those waitlisted. Thought this information might help.
  10. Can someone please explain what continued funding is? What kind of form does continued funding take? Mostly TAship? Or other external fellowship? If the offer letter specifically says the exact years of funding package, does it mean that the funding is fixed and cannot be continued? Also, how common is it for program to offer summer funding? What form does it take? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi just want to claim the acceptance at Indiana. Since it's the only WGS program that I applied to, I am thinking whether I should do it or stay at my disciplinary field. Anyone has advice? Good luck to you all!
  12. A friend at Brandeis told me that the committee is meeting next Thursday. We may hear from them several days after that.
  13. Curious about what "good" things have you heard about the department at UConn? Mind to share?
  14. I am also waiting on Brandeis (I applied to both sociology and social policy program), Umass Amherst. Umass Boston, you mean their master program or PhD program?
  15. ahhh, I applied to sociology. What else programs have you applied?
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