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  1. Hi, the buses aren't that bad. I suppose it depends on which bus line you're using, but in my experience they keep to the schedule, even during heavy snowfall.
  2. Jrandle, if you're looking for a roommate, pm me!
  3. I'd suggest hanging out at the local bike kitchen and learning how to do that stuff yourself, if you have the time, of course. It also helps you connect to the local community/find friends.
  4. I entered the total cost/amount, although I have no idea whether that's right or not... They can see the yearly funding available in the offer of admission, however.
  5. I'll be moving to Waterloo in August and I've been looking for an apartment/room on various sites (padmapper, kijiji, craigslist, UW, etc.). The thing is, most of those places are summer sublets. Does anyone know what the situation is like in August? I don't want to get a place sight unseen, but I also don't want to come to town and find that all the good/cheaper places are already taken. I'd appreciate any info you guys might have. Also, if you're looking for a quiet, tidy roommate, I'm your man!
  6. That's it, I give up. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. RE: UBC admission dates I found this link, and I wonder if the dates apply to us... https://www.grad.ubc.ca/faculty-staff/program-admission-recommendation-deadlines
  8. KDelamont, you should email them about that just in case. All my checklist items are marked as submitted...
  9. Nice one! I got my acceptance for the PhD program a while ago. Feeling pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.
  10. Oh, wow, that's fast! The application deadline was just a week ago...
  11. 'sup Episkey, do you have any idea when Waterloo will make their decision? Also, fingers crossed for everyone here!
  12. My POI at McGill basically told me that I won't be getting any funding if I got in because of how funding for foreign students works in Quebec, which I thought was decent of him.
  13. Yikes! As far as slots are concerned, it seems that int'l students get only one or two in most places, if at all. I wish it were different since it would increase my chances, but I also understand that there's no way they'll give more than a fraction of available slots/funding to foreign students...
  14. Out of interest, which university are you talking about?
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