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  1. @Eruthos: I did my undergrad at UVa (graduated 2010) and will probably be returning for my doctoral degree this coming fall. I lived with two roommates on a quiet street off JPA. I could walk to class easily, and the noise levels weren't very high since it was a house off of the main road. We paid $450 each and I honestly only used my car for trips to the grocery store or outside of Charlottesville. If I do return in August, I'll definitely be searching for something quiet again, though this time without roommates and pet friendly (I have a dog). I was thinking of living a bit farther awa
  2. I got accepted into doctoral programs at both UVa and UMass. I know tons about UVa (went there for undergrad), but not as much about UMass. Any fellow educators go there or plan to attend in the fall?
  3. Thanks, @jackinstyle. Hopefully you'll get in too. Has anyone heard about funding yet? In my acceptance email it said decisions would be made my March 1, but in my interview the faculty said April 1.
  4. I got accepted last nigbt too! Funny cause my interview isn't until later today... Guess it's just a "getting to know you" type of thing.
  5. I got my BA in English too! 2006-2010. Who knows, we might have crossed paths at some point
  6. About to walk into a classroom full of hyper second graders. Slowest class ever! I couldn't wait to get out and call everyone I knew!
  7. I did my BA at UVa's College of Arts and Sciences and LOVED it. I applied for their EdD and am interviewing with them virtually this Friday. But I agree, I've barely seen anyone post. Hope you hear from them soon!
  8. I feel ya.... I've only had one definitive no and the rest silence. Then yesterday I got called for an interview. Anything can happen!
  9. I called just now from work, but only got an answering machine once I was transferred to Learning, Teaching, and Diversity. Anyone else have better luck?
  10. Yup. I've had those dreams too. But it's even worse in real life... Yesterday I got an email from one of my schools and the subject was "scholarship information" and I jumped in the air, thinking I'd been accepted, before opening it and realizing it was just a generic reminder to all applicants that the school has scholarships we can apply to.
  11. I'm still in limbo for most of my schools. Waiting is the worst. Plus the one rejection that came in arrived via postal mail, so now I basically run to the mailbox every day after work.
  12. I am scared to call and break the limbo...
  13. We are approaching the middle of February! Has anybody heard back yet?
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