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  1. Hi, I also got into Washington. Do you know if the campus visit is an official event? I was hoping there would be a visit weekend or something, so that I maybe the school would provide funding for the trip..
  2. I have the same question for Cornell... are all the results out?? do they not send rejection emails?
  3. oh yeah me too. I'm waiting to hear back from nyu but I already know it's a rejection I guess.
  4. Any comp. lit majors here?? I still haven't heard back from Cornell & U Dub.. does anyone know when the results will come out?
  5. Did anyone hear back from Cornell's Comp. lit department? Looks like one person got accepted way earlier and then two rejections this month, both totally different dates.
  6. I have a quick question. I'm a comp lit major and I got accepted, but didn't hear about campus visits yet. Do you know if comp lit will be having a campus visit day around the same time?
  7. Any lit majors hear about campus visits from IU?? Do they usually have campus visits??
  8. anyone hear back from uc berkeley?? the results should be out by now, looking at records from previous years... but I see no postings yet:(
  9. UCB English started notifying people... are there any comp lit applicants here?? have you heard back from them?
  10. looks like they started sending out rejection letters via email...any acceptances?? i got neither, and wonder what that's supposed to mean:(
  11. has anyone heard back from them?? shouldn't the results be out by now?
  12. Oh wow thank you so much for your answer!! I feel so much better now...
  13. I heard that Stanford has already contacted a short list of students, prob for campus visits & interviews. Also, I think Duke Literature began contacting students for interviews... If I didn't get an email from those two schools asking for an interview does it mean I'm rejected, or is there still chance? Also, do they send out interview requests all at the same time?
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