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  1. artichoke203

    Seattle, WA

    Has anyone gone through realtors for their housing hunt? It seems to me that everybody is using craigslist, which could be a bit overwhelming to me.
  2. I like research in general, but what really gave me a push to pursue a PhD is teaching. I've TA'd a few labs during my undergrad and I absolutely loved it! Looking back, I think it's really interesting because I always thought teaching must be so boring when I was younger. In addition, I did my undergrad at a small liberal arts college, where student-faculty relationships are super friendly and personal. Some of the professors I met here have become huge inspirations for me and I'd love to be able to have that kind of mentorship with my students some day.
  3. Thanks everyone for chipping in! I just formally accepted mine and I am writing "No" to others. Feels good to have a plan (sort of) for the next 5-6 years!
  4. Thank you iPsych! The point about the waitlist is a good one -- I haven't thought about that. Guess I should start sending my emails then! Congrats on your many offers!
  5. Thanks for the suggestion! And congrats on accepting your offer already!
  6. I am not familiar with Philosophy research or job opportunities, but one thing I would consider is whether you would enjoy the program and do well at Temple. In particular: - Is it a good program worth going in debt for? - Can you see yourself succeed in the program? - If you enroll now, are there possibilities of getting funded the following years (TA/RA chances once you're there)? - If you enroll and go in debt, would it be too stressful for you to focus on studies and do well? (The last item is from my experience -- personally debts scare me and I don't think I'd do well...) Sorry about your situation, I hope everything works out for you! Good luck!
  7. So I was just wondering if any one has formally accepted and declined their offers. Is is too early because April 15 is still almost a month away? (I am really sure about enrolling in my top choice, but still haven't heard back from an ok-choice -- probably a reject anyway) Also, when writing "Decline" emails to people I've talked to in schools I'm not planning to attend, is it necessary to tell them where I plan to enroll, or just thanking them is ok? -- something along the line "Thank you very much for meeting/talking/answering my questions... I have considered my options carefully and decided..." Any thoughts/suggestions are appreciated!
  8. Thank you for this thread! I have been (over)thinking about the similar dilemma -- to visit or not to visit. I do think it is kind of rude to not visit; it looks like you're not even considering them, especially in my case I have also been in contact with very nice professors and their students. On the other hand I also feel guilty that they are paying (partially) for the trip. So I talked to my current advisor about this, and he said I should still go visit: to avoid seeming rude AND to take it as a networking experience. The people you meet/contact at those schools are probably going to be attending the same conferences, working on similar projects as you etc. so it would be preferable to not "burn bridges". I also think the professors understand that this is a professional decision, so what I am planning to do is just make sure I send everyone I contacted a personal email when I have officially made a decision -- thanking them, saying hope we cross paths etc in the most sincere way possible.
  9. Me too!!! Somehow California schools have the most expensive application fees!!
  10. Thanks for the reply! Yes I have been accepted to school B, also with a good funding offer, which is why I'm pretty much set on B right now.
  11. So I got accepted to school A, with great funding and they're having a Visit Day in a few weeks. The conflict is that I already signed up to go to school B's Visit Day during that weekend, and school B is my preferred choice. From several other topics I've gathered that people usually try to reschedule the visit with one of the schools. However, at this point I'm pretty sure I won't be enrolling in school A so I don't think trying to reschedule would make a lot of sense. At the same time I really don't want to seem rude and NOT contact school A with at least a Thank-you note (or something like that) for their generous offer (I had not made prior contact). Would it be also rude to tell them right away that I don't plan on enrolling, especially without even visiting first? What do you guys usually do? Or for those who have been through this already, how did you tell your POI of a school you've been admitted to but did not enroll? Thanks.
  12. Washington University in St. Louis & University of Washington EE's is on March 6-7
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