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  1. Yaay, can't wait to meet you both!! And congrats jean-luc, I'm glad there were spots for both of us!!
  2. I'll be turning down UCR asap because I got into UCLA UCR's visit day was amazing, and it's a really lovely program, so I hope this helps someone!
  3. This morning, I was ACCEPTED TO UCLA! So excited! I had another very lovely offer, but this is amazing...UCLA's a top 10 school, I visited in March and loved it, the funding package is amazing, I'll get to work with Christopher Looby and Rachel Lee... Last year, I was essentially shut out of programs (got into 2 unfunded things). I was rejected from UCLA. I took a gap year to move to Berkeley where I took classes and got a new rec letter, reworked all my materials, and began working as an editor. If at first you don't succeed...KEEP APPLYING UNTIL THEY LOVE YOU
  4. Anyone still considering turning down UCLA? Sorry to badger, just going crazy over here. I'm happy with my other school, but knowledge is power and I want to know all my options
  5. I'm coming! I'm flying into Ontario 10:30 AM on Wednesday and might try to shuttle to UCR.
  6. No, but I love your URL. SO much. Just needed to tell you.
  7. Hah, I read those too...yay over-preparedness!
  8. I turned down a "safety" last year (U of Washington) to reapply, but it was unfunded for at least the first year. So I had a really good reason to turn it down. I'm glad I chose to reapply because my options are already looking better. But had the program been funded, I probably would have gone. Applying is stressful and time and money consuming. Maybe in April you'll have a better sense of what you want to do!
  9. How are the 2 language requirements met, out of curiosity? And will we be reimbursed for travel expenses for the visit day? Received an additional email from Tina today! Thanks!
  10. Congrats to those admitted! And hugs to those who are stressed out! Passion for the profession will ensure a happy ending for you beautiful people! It's not over yet! I took a gap year this year after not getting in any (funded) programs, and it was sucky, but I'm having an awesome year and am learning a ton about literature while training as a competitive ballroom dancer. So there's always that.
  11. Got an email from Heidi Brayman Hackel and another from Tina today. Don't worry, the emails will come soon! More info about the visit day to follow. Can't wait to meet my potential future cohort! rdsull89, we have some mutual interests (American poetry, queer theory). Which faculty members do you work with at UCR? What does the GSEA do exactly? And how do you feel about the grad student community? Thanks!
  12. Hah, I told you so! My application was so strongly geared towards feminism and Native American studies that I was sure they'd have room for you Congratulations! Hope I'll meet you at the visit day!
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