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  1. For anyone who might stumble upon this thread in the future,: this is terrible advice, and emphasizes the importance of good mentorship from people who either share the experience of navigating the academic job market as a marginalized person, and/or possess the ability to understand it without letting white fragility and the rage of privilege denied get in the way (or at the very least don't react to criticism by playing the victim and digging their heels in deeper). And do keep in mind, there will always be someone like this on the committee. If there are multiple, run.
  2. I'll ask again, but slightly differently: have you had any experience navigating the job market or academic institutions as a scholar of color? I think that the use of identity as a basis for hiring and advancement is common knowledge at this point, and has been for decades among people coming from communities that have historically been excluded from academia, doing research in fields that have been dismissed as narrowly identitarian and unimportant from their inception, or didn't receive their degree from an "elite" institution due to a host of systemic barriers. I think all faculty of
  3. OP, have you had recent experience navigating the job market and/or a new institution as a junior academic of color? Just in the last year we've seen events at Yale, Williams, Harvard, Purdue that point to a lack of sustained institutional commitment to diversifying their faculty, sometimes even basic competencies or awareness of other cultures, and this is nothing new. Plenty of famous academics have quit or moved on from major institutions that many people would do anything to be at. My own undergraduate institution instituted a diversity initiative in the form of a fellowship/cluster h
  4. Just saw a fresh Chronicle article discussing a faculty member at Wayne State University and his reputation for grooming/bullying students (copy pasted below due to paywall). Given that we've seen this happen already with Avital Ronell for example, how is a prospective student supposed to know these things? Does anyone keep track of this #metoo stuff? https://www.chronicle.com/article/I-Was-Sick-to-My/246413?key=M4Uz02RD-3jerweavC_IPA97QCvIXnS9Ap2m130iW5opgtEyr49gNUG3Qd_2E8jESW1sNFRuVHRmazZQQlVMbUt5ckphamdmRVNTTk9hYWJIV0hMcmNXcnpKVQ&fbclid=IwAR1LZIAcmcL46P5vypdZQFJbvkQxgEE9i602wgq8Db9
  5. Hello Ramus, Following your responses in the thread and was wondering given your first response to go with rank: if the choice is between a top 10 and a top 20 (instead of 2, 3, 5 as in your example), would your advice stay the same?
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