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  1. As the term begins, I want to wish everyone a very wonderful semester! Best of luck you wicked smart, awesome, talented people!

  2. Tonight, I move to Toronto to start my PhD. I am in disbelief!

  3. Today has been a whirlwind of teaching and packing. Off to the UK I go!

  4. This morning is a good morning. Everything has worked out. :)

    1. ahlatsiawa


      Hope you got that discount?

    2. windrainfireandbooks


      I did :) Thanks for checking in!

  5. Yes, I agree. In the Humanities, class can be quite important. It also depends on the type of MA you are doing. In my program, we had two options: a thesis-based MA or a course-based MA. I did a course-based MA, so class attendance was really of utmost importance. That is not to say that my classmates and I did not miss class once in awhile for reasons like illness and conference attendance. For example, at least once a term, I missed a class to present at a conference. I discussed why I would be absent ahead of time with my professors, who were very supportive of my conference attendance and
  6. Today is my last day of work! Where has the time gone? 1 week until England, 2 months until PhD studies begin!

    1. 1Q84
    2. windrainfireandbooks


      :) Can you believe how the time flies??!!
    3. Old Bill
  7. Enrolled in classes, have a place to live, and have a moving day! Looks like this PhD thing is happening.

  8. I am ecstatic to be spending the majority of my summer in the UK. During that time, I am hoping to sneak in some non-stressful-but-related-to-my-research-interests readings that I have been putting off because of work but have been dying to sink my teeth into. And I will be doing some Shakespearean acting and novel writing as well.
  9. Thank you everyone for the well-wishes and, of course, for partying it up with me!
  10. May I extend or re-start the party? Because I've been accepted to the Book History & Print Culture collaborative program at Toronto and I really think I am going to accept!
  11. Just declined the last of my offers and (though I am super stoked about the program I've accepted) I cried when I hit the decline button. What a journey this application season has been!

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    2. windrainfireandbooks


      Thank you. Best of luck with the rest of the term, and congrats on wrapping up your first year of grad school!

    3. jujubea


      Oh declining is so hard! I was beside myself declining my other two offers :( The people were so great.

    4. windrainfireandbooks


      Yes! I connected with two very wonderful POIs at a school I declined. I sincerely hope to work with them at some point in my academic journey.

  12. Thanks for the insight everyone. I appreciate it. As I said, I submitted this paper back during my first term as an MA student, prior to having received insight about publishing from professors, supervisors, mentors, and so on. I likely wouldn't have submitted the paper for the conference proceedings had I been asked to today. That being said, the paperwork I signed for the conference proceedings did say that I would be able to submit the paper to any other publications I desired. Regardless, this weekend I withdrew the paper from the conference proceedings. I really like the idea that the pa
  13. When I'm in the UK this summer, I will be auditing some intensive Literature courses at a couple of unis as well. I think it will be a stimulating but largely unstressful (i.e. without the mental pressures I place on myself as a graduate student) means to get back into the swing of things after having two semesters away from the academy.
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