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  1. So, last week I visited Bloomington and was super impressed by the campus (it's gorgeous) and the current grad students, not to mention how awesome my soon-to-be advisor is. I was surprised to see that the grad students in my lab all live in houses, either alone or with their significant other. It's a super affordable town. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to moving out there next year.
  2. Thanks for the tip hannah3. Looks like I'll be starting early. I have a feeling that apartment hunting from overseas is going to be tricky...
  3. I'm goin' to Indiana University for EEB next year. It was the only place I got in so my decision was pretty easy.
  4. @raymondnorth I'm in Jena right now. It's a pretty nice set-up. I'm looking forward to going back to school next year though. @hannah3 I haven't started looking at apartments yet. I figured a year and a half was a bit too far in advance...
  5. 1) SCUBA instructor 2) Divemaster 3) Field station manager 4) Field researcher
  6. I think it depends on the severity of the disability and how you package it. Mentioning I how overcame my own learning disadvatage (ADHD) in a personal statement got me interviews for a fully funded PhD program. I imagine that overcoming more severe disadvantages may make you a "high risk/high reward" scenario, which is not what reviewers want when deciding who to give $100,000+ to.
  7. Hey. I'm committed for Ecology and Evolution, but I deferred to work in Germany for another year. I'll be visiting Bloomington in July.
  8. I applied for a research grant and didn't get it. Repeated rejection sucks balls, but I suppose I didn't need the Fulbright anyway. I'm already in Germany and the PI of my lab said he'll keep me on the internal payroll for another year.
  9. Anyone else moving to Bloomington soon?
  10. That would be nice...I'd like to find out tomorrow!
  11. Because it takes more than 3 weeks to go through 14,000 applications?
  12. I feel you, and for me its even worse since I've deferred my offer for a year. I'm trying to immerse myself in the program and lab when I'm still over a year away!
  13. Does anyone know if the DAAD does alternates?
  14. Generally, being a prof is just another step on the ladder for researchers. Most professors in my field are research scientists who just happen to teach. Do you mean that you want to be a technician and never have to stop working in the lab/field? That's what I think I'd like to do.
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