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  1. Update: was not as awkward as I expected it to be. In fact, I would guess that I now have a better relationship than I did with them before the trip. It was also helpful that one of the days we both were operating in separate universes that way we weren't spending our entire time together.
  2. Calling it an 'issue' would be overselling it but it appears that the first...hiccup...has come up in my committee. Two members seem to have very different views of the schools/departments I should end up in. Gonna be fun.
  3. One of my colleagues got me quite angry last week. And in retrospect I probably overreacted but I am also one of those people who it takes a REALLY long time to get me mad but then when I'm there all hope is lost. Not only did this colleague accost my advisor in the middle of the hallway, in front of others, why she didn't receive feedback on something last semester she has been going around flatout speaking about other faculty members and how poorly they work with graduate students (actually just her.) Yet she wants all of these faculty members to me on her committee? I basically en
  4. Well, I'm glad that this topic generated some good discussion on the subject. Update for those who were wondering. Both my advisor and I are males (and not that far apart in age) so that definitely narrows down some part of the awkwardness. He actually ended up covering the entirety of the hotel room so we are not even splitting expenses on that side of thing. I definitely appreciate him covering the entire hotel room costs but I feel like that may add to the power dynamic of the relationship in some weird way. It appears that it will end up being three nights in the hotel room
  5. After a pretty bad delay yesterday I get to my parent's house to find out the airline lost both of my bags. And the most academic response was: "But I have books my committee members let me borrow in there." Followed by "Well at least my advisor's book was in my carry on."
  6. I'm glad I am not alone in this. To me the worst part is, like you said, how blissfully unaware they are of the whole thing. Even worse, my particular colleague has the expectation that everyone else in the program is here to serve their needs and will send nonstop emails asking for assistance and when you finally give them some help they don't even thank you.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has had experience rooming with faculty at conferences? I'll most likely be attending a conference where I am not presenting but my advisor would like me to go and network. Travel wise the cost won't be too prohibitive since it is just the next state over but my advisor suggested that we share a room to cut down on the lodging costs. Has anyone done this? Experiences? Just trying to get a feel for what I'll be getting myself into. Thanks!
  8. Wow, feel like I haven't posted on here in awhile! Hopefully everyone is doing well as the semester winds down. Things have been going pretty well for me actually. One of my assistantships (TA) this semester wasn't exactly what I wanted but for next semester it appears that I actually have my ideal assignment -- a research assistantship with my advisor and teaching my own course which I've done before so it doesn't require that much more prep. Also got asked to be on a grant with my advisor and TA an intensive winter course for another committee member. Both of which happened shortl
  9. One I've the biggest things I've discovered in graduate school is that in choosing your advisor it is as much a personality match as it is an academic match. For example, a lot of my colleagues take issue with my advisor's lack of timely responses. I, however, typically don't have an issue with this because I make sure that when I contact her I do so only for things I can't handle myself. I found that a lot of faculty members tend to respond to things only if they feel like you haven't exhausted all other resources. Not necessarily agreeing with their behavior but just seems to be the way thin
  10. I'm not very familiar with the type of ANOVA you're referring to but I think it is a matter how how respected your advisor is in the field. I typically follow my advisor's advice as much as possible but she is also well known in the subfield I want to go in. You are your advisor in a sense, so I would weigh your options of whether or not you want to be seen as your advisor's student or as your own person on the job market.
  11. I don't necessarily read a new journal article everyday but I'm at least browing the table of contents in the new issues of journals in my field -- I'll skim an article of some interest. (Usually I try to tackle one of the articles in my 'to-read' folder on my laptop first.)
  12. My advisor is going on sabattical next semester (the beginning of my second year in the program.) Right now I am still working on my coursework so it really isn't that big of a deal. I plan on meeting with her sometime this semester and asking who I should meet with in her absence if I have any research/coursework questions. Perhaps do the same thing?
  13. Was to supposed to hear back from a conference regarding a proposal on Friday....no news. (No one who has submitted has heard anything.) But it would be nice to know when I can expect to receive a response...
  14. This varies greatly in my department; most of the time not receiving any feedback means you're on the right track. (If you're going off the rails someone will pull you aside.) That being said, if I met with professors during office hours or individual meetings they would give me feedback -- but more along the lines of "You should submit this to a conference." One professor in my department gave great feedback; but they seem to be the exception and not the rule. (They're also relatively new to the department so it may be a culture thing.) All and all though my department tends to follow
  15. Well I manage to pull a 4.0 my first semester of my PhD program -- I definitely checked my grade multiple times to make sure that wasn't a mistake. This semester I don't seem to have any "big" papers but just tons and tons of reading. I'm also taking a class outside of my department in the Education Policy school and frankly it seems far less rigorous that what I am used to in my department so I will have to make sure to push myself.
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