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  1. I have heard from the last year's applicants that the transcript requests are sent during the first week of February. I haven't got one.
  2. Got the confirmation e-mail today.
  3. I got an e-mail from DPDF asking for my transcript from my current institution. Since, this is my first semester, I ended up giving them a course enrollment document. They mentioned that they will get back after the first screening. I was not sure what that meant, just thought would check with you all.
  4. Has any of you got any updates about the first screening?
  5. Got through USC Critical Studies
  6. I was wondering if anyone knows more about the funding package of UCSB Film and Media?
  7. Hello, I am a prospective PhD student at UCSB. Can anyone give me some leads regarding the studio accommodation options near UCSB. I heard that the rentals are expensive in Santa Barbara. Any leads on this would be valuable. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, Do any of you know more about the funding packages that UCSB Film and Media offers?
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