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  1. Thanks technotronic! Have you decided where you're going?
  2. Going to Columbia! anyone else going? Good luck with decisions everyone!
  3. Just a heads up the today was the deadline to accept
  4. Congrats! Great program and great faculty! <3 Michael Rakowitz
  5. Yes-you will lose the deposit but I don't think it's really official until you send in your transcripts and pay tuition. You can always back out. Obviously you'll have to send a nice email/call when you make your decision.
  6. Heads up to people on the waitlist. Probably giving up my space soon.
  7. I think as long as the portfolio is strong then you're probably good. It probably also depends on the program-but when I visited Yale Sculpture there were a couple students from non-art backgrounds. Maybe if u spent the next year building your portfolio as much as possible and also try to engage with art communities (residencies, shows etc) would be good
  8. I don't speak from experience - but one of my good friends went to MICA and absolutely loved it. Also, not that this should be the final decision maker-but as far as prestige/recognition I think MICA is better ranked/known. But maybe I'm wrong. CMU seems great too! Not bad choices
  9. I would call-as far as I know decisions were already made and sent out
  10. I think it said 3 weeks from the date on the letter, which for me is March 24th and makes 3 weeks later the 14th. but on the second page is says "The deadline for submission of this commitment deposit is April 15, 2015" this is a standard deadline for most schools
  11. Yeah I was wondering the same-they are the only school that does this. It has something to do with their funding being need based (I know it still doesn't make sense)
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