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  1. Tufts or UC Irvine or Hunter?

    I think a lot of this decision is going to come down to what you are willing to/not willing to sacrifice to get the degree. Personally, I wouldn't be able to navigate that 30K loan gracefully with a fully funded offer also in place. What makes you concerned about the MFA? I've noticed in my internships and other jobs that a lot of contemporary curators come from non-traditional backgrounds. I think working directly with artists and critical dialogue will likely be a help for you rather than a hindrance. Specifically, when talking about curating contemporary art, the practice is much more nebulous than someone who specializes in Roman Art/European Modernism, etc. Also, this is a degree offered through UC Irvine which is already a reputable and respected institution. It's not like you'd be attending some random no-name school coming out with a funky MFA. I wouldn't write it off so quickly - I think it would be worthwhile for you to explore that option a bit more. When it comes down to it, though, you have to follow your gut. I've heard an overwhelming amount of advisors and colleagues tell me to never consider taking out loans for the MA, but you have to decide what is most important to YOU, not anyone else. If UC Irvine is just not your place, then boot it off your list and start looking at the other choices you have. Have you spoken to any recent alumni if those programs? That might be a good next step for you because you can get a feel for how the program operates at each institution, and how that kind of program might impact you better/worse than the others. Gathering as much information as possible will likely help you make a more informed decision. It might also be helpful to ask program advisors/directors where recent graduates have ended up in the last few years. (I.e., did they get curatorial positions in museums? Move on to PhD programs? exit the industry? etc.)
  2. Fall 2018

    Awesome, thank you for the info! Do you happen to have any idea if interviews are standard for all admits or if interviews go out on a rolling basis as well?
  3. Fall 2018

    I am wondering if perhaps we are the ones being considered for the MA, rather than the PhD?? Also, there's still the possibility of being waitlisted. Seems like a lot of PhD admits went out already, and some rejections. My assumption is that we are still in the running!
  4. New Brunswick, NJ

    Are you planning on getting an apartment or living on-campus? Rutgers offers two or three apartment-style housing situations that are for grad students only, so that might be an option. They also have an online portal for off-campus information, and a lot of times it mentions whether the lister is UG or grad. There is a Whole Foods about 15 minutes away near Edison(where I am based), though there might be another that is closer. Farmers markets are the kinds of places that have the best produce, though Stop and Shop can have some good stuff too. I find the selection definitely decent. A general not to keep in mind is that, unlike Texas, there are some foods you just cannot get/shouldn’t bother with in the winter. The end up being shipped in from all over and not good quality. I cannot speak to dog friendliness in New Brunswick specifically, but generally speaking, NJ is not quite as dog friendly as Texas/Arkansas, etc. the city has cleaned up a lot of the “bad” areas near New Brunswick in recent years, and the commute would be feasible from many cities in the area. From Edison, it is a 20-30 minute ride. (I am also considering attending for a PhD program) Plainfield/South Plainfield, Metuchen, and Somerville are all commutable, though all north of the river. I don’t have a ton of knowledge base for anything south of New Brunswick.
  5. Fall 2018

    Best of luck - I know acceptances tend to come through in waves. My subfield is contemporary!
  6. Fall 2018

    Hey @texasod I randomly Checked the status website last night and found an acceptance waiting for me, just FYI!
  7. Fall 2018

    Rutgers app over here as well, but nothing on my end so far!
  8. Fall 2018

    Same here!
  9. Fall 2018

    Sounds like you guys are still in the running. Congrats! Here is what the portal looks like when you have a decision, just FYI.
  10. Fall 2018

    Log in as usual and scroll to the bottom. There should be a link that says something along the lines of "decision notification as of (02/16/2018). It looks like another row of info but its actually a link to the decision document.
  11. Fall 2018

    Thank you for letting us all know!! I’ve been trying to remain patient but it’s a difficult task.
  12. Fall 2018

    So, is it safe to assume that we probably aren't going to hear anything new over the weekend? Or do some schools also send out on Saturdays? I know someone mentioned earlier in the thread about getting a phone call on a Saturday, but I just can't imagine that's the norm. (Though, I suppose anything is possible.) I'll have to resign myself to more radio silence for the next few days...
  13. Fall 2018

    I think it’s pretty common, actually. GradCafe also tends to attract a bit of a more ‘competetive’ Crowd from what I’ve been seeing. I feel like I’ve heard from several people that since they were already going through the process of applications, they figured they might as well throw out an application to a few reach schools, too. No one ever really knows what those Adcomms want in an applicant anyway... That’s definitely not the only way to do it, though! Applying to only non-ivies is also a very valid choice.
  14. Fall 2018

    Seconded here, I’m always down to chat with fellow worriers! Harvard, Princeton, and UPenn are also on my list. I’m trying SO HARD to not just obsessively check the boards, but WOW is it difficult! Patience is definitely not my strongest virtue.
  15. Fall 2018

    Ah Goldsmiths!!! I’m obsessed with that school. If they offered more funding for Americans it would definitely be my top choice.