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  1. LSE is not that famous for being generous :/
  2. You can't, I have asked this question in the past and it's also specified in the SIPA website. My suggestion would be to do your first year at SIPA given that it's much more competitive to go from Hertie to SIPA than vice versa.
  3. exactly ;-) anyone also applied to cambridge?
  4. I also got accepted to the LSE MPA...and I am also waiting for Oxfbridge..a bit pessimistic about Cambridge though, they accept only 20 students out of approximately 300 :-)
  5. I think in the "Political Science" section of this forum you will find the majority of "experts" when it comes to PHDs, I would advise you to post this topic there as well. I believe that in this section of the forum people are more knowledgeable about MPPs, MPAs...
  6. really surprised to see many people on this forum applying to Hertie vs not that many to LSE...anyone has an opinion about it?
  7. look at the student placement -- rankings are worthless. Student placement is the only thing that matters. Indiana , in this aspect, is not even top 10.
  8. Anyone applying to the MPA at LSE? any opinion/story to share?
  9. I am sorry but I am going to be very blunt. Unfortunately, also taking into consideration that the MPP is a full-time master, there is simply no way to save 32.000 euros. Even saving up 10.000 would be difficult (considering that you would still need to spend at least 700 euro per month in living expenses).
  10. if you are talking about the UN family and stuff like that then definitely not the schools in DC...
  11. No problem at all get a good GRE score and you will definitely have a good shot at the schools you previously mentioned. Best of luck with everything!
  12. Hi Alessandra, Do you have work experience? In the USA work experience is almost as valuable, if not more valuable, as good grades. I do not want to discourage you but there a couple of elements you need to take into consideration before applying ONLY to school in the states : 1) Studying in the USA will only allow you to work in the USA for 1 year (you get a 1 year OPT Visa with a USA degree)...getting sponsored for a new VISA is extremely difficult, if not impossible in the public sector. Most of my European friends had to leave the States after their OPT expired. However, it is easier (but not easy!) to get a work VISA if you plan to work in the private sector. 2) International students hardly get scholarships and you really need to have an outstanding profile to get one, without relevant work experience it's quite unlikely you would get one...anyhow it's always worth a try. http://www.fulbright.it/ this is a good place to start. 3) UCLA and USC are obviously great institutions but they not exactly famous for their MPPs...if you are planning to stay in the States and get sponsored you might want to apply to other programs as well (maybe located in DC?!) Sorry if I was too blunt.
  13. considering that GTown only gives you 20 k, I think the real decision should be between HKS vs Harris. If you are not american it's really an easy call to exclude GTown.
  14. bump! anyone considering this program? pros and cons?
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