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  1. Thanks for the info/suggestion @OxfordApplicant what program did you end up choosing? FYI to all - I talked to someone in the LSE- SIPA duel degree, 20 SIPA students applied to the LSE duel degree and 2 went to LSE. So going to SIPA first guarantees you get into SIPA, but you might be stuck with paying an additional $80k rather than ~$20k at Hertie/LSE. Also electives are completed at the second institution you attend, so by going to SIPA first, you miss out on SIPA electives.
  2. I got into both the Hertie School of Governance (MIA & MPP) and SIPA MPA. The schools have a duel degree program but you are supposed to apply to the second school as an enrolled first year at the first institution. The school exchange goes both ways. Does anyone know if you can be simultaneously admitted into the full duel degree to begin with? Nothing on the website talks about this, but I don't want to go through another set of applications now that I am already admitted to both programs.
  3. I recently got my acceptance into my first program Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey! They have great funding for Peace Corps and other service organization vets. I have no such background, just non-profit work. They offered me $5,000 per semester or $20,000 total for all four semesters. Is that typical at MIIS? Has anyone had success asking for more in the past?
  4. thanks for the tips! mine was about what I was most excited about at SIPA
  5. Hi RSood, Have you completed the video response and might you be willing to share your prompt? Thanks!
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