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  1. I hear you! I was feeling much more confident on December 1 but the last few weeks have really put me on edge. I haven't heard back from any programs yet, but I feel like I should have at least heard from UCSB by now. I'm thinking we'll have a much clearer idea of where we stand two weeks from now but in the interim I'm a nervous wreck lol. I'm just looking for one yes though, I'd be stoked to attend any of the schools I applied to.
  2. @EdPhDHopeful Wow, that's the first waitlist result for HEOC I've seen on this site. Fingers crossed for you. It looks like we applied to a few of the same programs (UCLA, UPenn, USC), not that many of us on here, good luck!
  3. Does anybody know if all decisions have been made at UCSB for the Education PhD program? I saw one person nominated for fellowships list an acceptance on the results page last week, and the school website mentions that Admit Day will take place on February 5th, but other than that it has been radio silence. In previous cycles it looks like rejections have gone out about the same time as acceptances so I don't know what to think. Has anybody else heard from them? Starting to get worried...
  4. I haven't heard back from Higher Education and Organizational Change yet. Not sure when other programs are making decisions but I don't expect to hear back from HEOC until around mid-Feb.
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