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  1. I'm moving in from out of state, and I will not be able to visit to tour any apartments or anything. The area is really nice overall compared to where I live, so I'm not too concerned about safety or cleanliness, and I've already lived in some apartments with crappy landlords, dealing with maintenance, etc. You can also have bad neighbors no matter where you go. My plan is to find a nice-seeming place that is conveniently located and sign a year lease. If I don't like the apartment I can spend a lot of time on campus and move to a new apartment next summer. To find a place, I've looked at
  2. I applied to University of Iowa, Florida State University, University of North Carolina, University of Michigan, University of Maine, University of Kentucky and University of Virginia. I've heard back from the first four (three acceptances, one rejection) but I haven't heard from the last three. I wound up being accepted by a program I wasn't expecting, and rejected from a program I was expecting an acceptance from (after talking with a professor and what I thought was a good fit). One of the programs I haven't heard back from (and I'm not expecting good news from) was one where
  3. Not yet! Most of my applications were due last week or during winter break, so I don't expect to hear anything for a little while still. Doesn't make waiting any easier though.
  4. I'd love to read it too! I'm applying to French PhD programs so hopefully I can help Just PM me!
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