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  1. Of course I am not expecting to have three months off during the summer... I am not even the type who would want that. I was just struck by many comments on how with the start of grad school you say goodbye to fun. Surely you can take a weekend off sometimes, have the occasional drink in the evening, or take a couple of weeks of vacation? Or am I wrong?
  2. Retired? What about life between now and retirement?
  3. BionicKris, I am in the same situation; and also very torn. It seems like a great opportunity, but it would mean that I would have to quit my current job much earlier than planned (I dont necessarily mind, but I dont want to burn bridges...). I am also facing a 3000 miles move. It feels like an offer I can't decline, and I feel I shouldnt, but what about my fantastic summer plans? As an aside, all those comments about making good use of the "last summer" to relax are really starting to freak me out! Honestly, is it going to be that bad? I have worked harder than most my whole life, been t
  4. This is becoming less true though. I know that since last year especially more people than they could accommodate have asked to stay on for the DPhil. However, if you put in the hours and manage to impress potential supervisors, it shouldn't be a problem. On the lifestyle question: Oxford is an amazing place to study. It's beautiful, the atmosphere is great, and although it doesn't compare to London in terms of potential leisure activities (but then few places do, IMO) London is just an hour away. There is a bus going back and forth 24-7, so if you want to go out, it is no problem to get ba
  5. Yes, definitely still considering Stanford. Visiting Princeton next week so I wont be able to make up my mind until then, but I am hoping for some "divine inspiration"... You have visited both Harvard and Stanford, right? How are you going about making your deicision?
  6. No surprise there... Just declined offers from Oxford (MPhil IR) and LSE MSc IR Research. Have you had any further thoughts on where you will end up?
  7. Yes, why not - you have nothing to lose. I'd prefer certainty myself, so I would probably try to contact the department. I dont know if there was anyone waitlisted, so there might be hope. Be aware though that the department has been somewhat slow to respond...so it might take some time for them to get back to you. Maybe call?
  8. I got admitted by Columbia some time ago, when the wave of acceptances came out. Admitted students were asked to respond by last Friday whether they will be attending the Open house - this sounds like they are done with acceptances. Then again - see discussion in 'Columbia' thread - it is not really clear what is going on in their department.
  9. Believe it or not, his acceptances are true; I actually met him this weekend and I have no reason to doubt his success.
  10. Oh, so you are not going to the actual Columbia Open House then?
  11. I will see you at Stanford then... ... the day after tomorrow. So soon! How seriously are you taking the reading for the seminars btw? And when are you arriving? Are you coming in from Asia?
  12. Stanford: 4th - 7th Princeton: 22nd - 23rd Columbia: 24th - 26th
  13. Yes

    Princeton, NJ

    I found that info on the housing website - but obviously doesn't apply to new students then, what a relief. My admissions package hasn't reached me yet (I live abroad). Still.... sharing rooms does not fill me with joy. What about people who have boyfriends/girlfriends - not unheard of for 25 year olds! haha
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