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  1. I have to second this. I got my MSt at Oxford, and I was told by several people that it wouldn't be wise to continue with their DPhil if my intention was to work in the States after completing the degree. However, there are certainly many great scholars there, and I loved the academic environment.
  2. You might give UCLA a look. I'll be starting there this fall. They have several very well known 18th-century professors (Felicity Nussbaum and Helen Deutsch, for example), and the program itself has a very good reputation, I think. Also, even with the funding issues the UC system is going through their English department seems to be doing well. They fully fund every admitted grad student, and their grad funding comes from a variety of sources apart from the state of California, such as a program called Friends of English (check their website for more info). In fact, I think the state accounts for less than 20% of ALL of UCLA's overall funding. However, I do think they only admit one or two 18th-century students each year, and I would assume their entering class *might* be smaller next fall due to the budget issues. I could be wrong about these things, though, so you might take them with a grain of salt!
  3. crutch


    Did you guys get any sort of confirmation email after you accepted the terms of your rental agreement? I paid the security deposit, paid the initial month's rent, and accepted the terms of the agreement, but I never received any sort of confirmation... I know everything is probably OK, but I'd really like some confirmation!
  4. crutch


    I got an offer for University Village Apartments last Thursday, which I have accepted.
  5. I've decided to send a coffee mug (from the school I'll be attending in the fall) to my four referees. I know it's kind of cheesy, but this is the fourth time they've submitted letters for me; they submitted letters for my master's course, for a PhD at the school where I got my master's (I ended up turning down the offer), for PhD programs the following year, and again this year for PhD programs (I didn't get in anywhere last year). I didn't send any gifts before, but since they've stuck with me for four years, I feel like they might appreciate something, even if it is small and somewhat goofy.
  6. I've already accepted an offer as well, but I never heard back from UIC. I really don't mind, but it does make me wonder what went on with my application there...
  7. I've declined offers from the schools crossed out in my signature: UC Davis, Ohio State, Rochester, Arizona State, and McMaster. I also removed myself from Toronto's waitlist.
  8. Resurrecting this thread: Is anyone going to be at the visiting days early next week? I'm only able to make Sunday and Monday. I know we are supposed to meet some current grad students at a pub on Sunday night - has anyone received more specific information on where to meet them, etc.?
  9. I voted UCLA simply because that's where I'll be attending next fall. I know nothing about the Computer Science programs at these schools, so you might want to discount my vote.
  10. I made my decision and let the school I'll be attending know yesterday. I still need to let one of the schools know I won't be accepting their offer, though.
  11. crutch


    Well, I made it official tonight. I am now 100% sure I will be attending UCLA next fall.
  12. crutch


    Yes, visiting days for English are April 4-6. I'll be there on the 3rd and 4th but not the other days. You planning on visiting, I assume?
  13. I applied to 14 schools last year, and my writing sample and purpose statement were weak. My GRE scores were: 630v 720q 6.0aw 640subj. I was rejected across the board. This year, I spent a ton of time improving my writing sample and purpose statement. I didn't even worry about retaking the GREs (and the last time I had taken them was 2007). I was accepted by my top choice and several other good programs. Moral of the story: Sometimes it REALLY is all about the writing. And luck. A lot of people probably have stellar packages but don't get in simply because the number of students applying is so high.
  14. crutch


    Anyone here plan on attending UCLA next fall? I haven't officially accepted their offer, but I'm 99% sure I will within the next few weeks.
  15. I'm experiencing the same thing right now, and I have actually dreaded receiving more acceptances as well. I received a few rejections last week and was HAPPY. I've been trying to reply to acceptance emails quickly, so that I don't have to talk to POIs on the phone or what not if they decide to call a few days after emailing. I've got two schools that I still need to turn down right now, and both called me to communicate their decisions. I feel as though I should have the courtesy to actually call them to turn the offers down, but I just really don't like thinking about having to decline them over the phone. It's especially tough since the DGS at one of the schools called me again last night to give me more information about the program. I wasn't expecting the call, so I wasn't really prepared to turn down the offer in a very respectful manner at that point (I hadn't thought much about what to say and I'm awkward on the phone anyways). I also feel like they'll think I'm weird for knowing where I'm going to attend even though I've never actually visited that school (I'll be visiting in early April, but I already know I'll end up going there regardless - I was an idiot and let on to one of the two other schools that I hadn't actually visited there yet). I know, I know, why should I care? They probably won't even think twice about it... but I still hate having to do it!
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