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  1. Hello Suminky,

    I apply from Turkey for intensive language course in Germany. I am awarded by DAAD but i do not know how to send acceptance form. Can u give me an advice? Should i send by notifications which i uploaded my cv, and aplication stuff?Thanks in advance, Sevim :)

    1. Nara pascoal

      Nara pascoal

      Hi guys!


      I'd like to share sth that has just happened to me and see if there is anyone who has been through sth similar. I applied back in September for two universities in Germany, both in Environmental science. After applying for them I also applied for daad scholarship. 

      I received the letters of award this week from daad including the confirmation letter for the language course in Munich on the 1st of April -- DREAM


      right after receiving the good news above I received the email from.the two universities stating I wasn't accepted for the masters in their institution. I was confused and disappointed. One of the universities said they do not accept biologists only environmental and civil engineers, the other university said the application should have great knowledge of microbiology, biology and chemistry and they emphasized I only had a single course while in college. I tried an appeal letter but didn't succeed. -- nightmare


      Has anyone gone through sth like that? Please help me.



  2. I'm applying from Romania
  3. Yes, it is the same one that I applied to.
  4. My application is also in the "preselection made" mode Thought I was the only one until I read your post! Guess we'll have to wait a little bit more....
  5. Hello all! I was wondering if anyone from the UK has any insight into the new postgraduate loans scheme. More specifically, are EU students eligible or not for such a loan? Everything I've been reading is quite contradictory (one source says yes, another one says no - unless you've been a resident of the UK for the last x years, which I'm not). Any info would be greatly appreciated
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