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  1. I will be attending SDSU this fall (2016). I didn't see any Facebook group so I created one: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1694788067450120/
  2. 2:30 pm. I am likely to accept, but not 100% sure yet.
  3. I have to decide by Thursday afternoon. I am not sure. Those who accepted the acceptance... can you tell me what you liked?
  4. thanks all! I am thinking of doing a year of pre-bacc at SUNY New Paltz... and then taking bio, physics, and statistics at some point during my master's degree. I did this as I am a New York State resident and this means I get 28 credits at a low price. I hope this is the right decision! Anyone attended New Paltz?
  5. If you've attended (or attending) these I would love your opinion of them. I am focused on these as I didn't major in communication disorders for undergrad. So... my plan is to take biology, physics, and statistics prior to deadlines in January. Then these schools all seem to accomodate those who didn't major in communication disorders. This seems preferable to a year of post-bac ....and then hoping to be accepted. I don't want to have to move my family to another town after a year. Thank you!
  6. Most grad programs seem to require biology, physics, and statistics BEFORE you even apply. Despite this, it seems many pre-bac programs offer a full year without those. This leads me to conclude I should focus on taking those three now and complete before deadlines in January, right? Despite the greater cost of 3 year on-campus options (Chapman, Pacific, etc), it seems my hands will be full for at least a semester taking those three ASHA required classes.... so my best option is spend a few months doing well in those three ASHA courses and volunteering. Thoughts? What are the best online classes for biology, physics, and statistics? How to secure volunteering that will impress grad school? Thanks
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