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  1. Hey guys, I turned down my offer to NPSIA so hopefully that frees up a spot for one of you!
  2. My offer for NPSIA also came through. I'm a little confused as the funding page isn't very clear, but it seems like they offered 8k total - split 6k in first year and 2k in second. I might be totally wrong though. I'm will likely make my choice during Easter weekend.
  3. I'm within the first couple letters and received the email from last week, but haven't heard back with a yes or no from NPSIA just yet. I'll post here should I hear!
  4. Hey guys! Also heard back from Munk with 15k in funding. I got the email from Tabbitha as well, just as a regular email in my inbox, not as a reply to anything. Hope it helps!
  5. I haven't heard anything. I'm not sure if UofT's MA in European Affairs has sent out offers yet or not, but I know MGA did send their first offers in early March and has given candidates until March 15th to respond, so likely MGA's second round will go out late-March. BSIA has sent out its first offers as well. Somebody above wrote that Carleton will make first round decisions mid-late March too.
  6. I applied for Munk-CERES, BSIA, and NPSIA and I haven't heard back from any of them yet. Ivey has an extremely good reputation domestically, many of my high school classmates went to their undergrad program. I'm not sure if that translates over to their MSc, but it's definitely a well-known brand in consulting and sounds like a good fit.
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