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  1. Just got a rejection from UT Austin. That's it for me for the year. And probably for Directing programs entirely. Got close at several great programs. That will have to do. Time to move on. Good luck and godspeed, everybody.
  2. In related news I got my rejection from Brown today. D:
  3. @Squidpunk Oh yeah the "But you don't need grad school"! line drives me nuts too. I know people are trying to be nice but, like, clearly we all WANT grad school.
  4. I hear you about Brown's website. I know the program is great, but Brown's own description is very dry. You can get more colorful insights from the Trinity Rep page though.
  5. Yale calls already eh? Looks like a no-go for me. Life goes on. URTA interviews started coming in today. Two lined up so far. Anybody else get some e-mails?
  6. Here we go again! Wooooooooo! I got tantalizingly, frustratingly, maddeningly close to a couple programs last year (wait lists are fun!) so I'm taking one more shot. I'm going the URTAS rout for the first time to simplify things. Think I'll do the Chicago days. My list: University of Washington, Carnegie Mellon, Arizona State, DePaul, Indiana, CalArts, UCLA, UT Austin. I've had previous interviews at several of them the past two years. Might throw in Yale because I haven't yet and YOLO! My background: Raised in the Northwest, educated in the South, professionally based in DC.
  7. Just got the official rejection from Iowa. A lovely note right from Alan, which is nice gesture. That wraps things up for me. Good luck, all.
  8. Just heard from Iowa. 3 of the 4 spots are filled. They are waiting on Lucky Number 4 to make his or her decision. I just kind of have to laugh at this point.
  9. I was a DePaul finalist last year (loved the program but didn't apply this year because it's just toooooo expensive) and can confirm I didn't hear until mid-March. Current status: no word from UCSD (figure I'm out) or ASU. Still sitting on the Iowa waitlist.
  10. Hey guys, just got the official no-go from Carnegie Mellon. No word of any sort from UCSD or Arizona State so far. The wait(list)ing continues!
  11. Congrats @boseph16, sincerely. I also heard from Iowa and am on the waitlist. It was a very nice, encouraging call. Iowa really has lovely people in their program. Cést la vie.
  12. Hey folks. Just got a 2nd round invite from Iowa. It's got a quick turnaround time too. They are scheduling them for over Skype as early as tomorrow!
  13. Hi all! Quick update, that's going to sound very familiar: my interviews with UCLA and CMU were much in line with everybody else's. As for Iowa, I absolutely loved my conversation with Alan MacVey. It was far-reaching but specific and informative. He's a very good interviewer. At the moment, Iowa is my top choice. No word from UCSD or Arizona State.
  14. @GunningForGrad No word from UCSD here. I've kept my application pretty close to my vest. Close friends only (and my rec writers but there is overlap there).
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