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  1. Hi all, Im going to senior next sem and planning to apply for a position in stat graduate program. To be honest I am in complete awe and confusion about school selection since im not sure where would take a pretty empty cv and an ok academic record like mine. I literally have no peer, friend, or senior to ask/discuss about this. It would be very kind of you if you could help me figure this out, and maybe, recommend me some schools?. Here's my profile Undergrad Institution: Asian, top 50 QS ranking Majors: Math (mostly applied, stat, and fin-math track, my school doesn't have a
  2. Hi everyone, I am doing Bachelor in KAIST Korea, double Majoring in Mathematics and Business management, my graduation is coming in Summer 2017. I'm now gathering information for applying for a Master/ PhD in Applied Mathematics, especially finnacial mathematics, (Stochastic process and Statistics), in the U.S, or Canada/Europe/Austrailia with application period being this 2016 Fall. As being a student doing Double Major, it is not required for me to do a research or graduation thesis, and even if I do, it is hard for me to get one because of the structure in my department. Fr
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