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  1. I just received an offer from CSUF which included a TA position, but it seems as though I'd still have to pay tuition. I've heard not to accept an offer if the tuition isn't covered, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows if tuition is ever covered at CSU schools?
  2. @quanto i applied to the earth sciences department, but the professor i'd like to work with studies astrobiology! so there's no specific program, but there are people working with NASA there.
  3. thank you! good to know he has a good reputation there haha.
  4. my deadline was december 5th (that was the priority deadline, anyways; my POI told me i could submit my app as late as like early january and still be considered), i think one of my recommendations was a little late, as well as possibly my transcript. he said they wouldn't get back to me until later in january or possibly early february, so i guess i still might get in.
  5. @magnetite well i really love bio and geo, and paleontology didn't really feel quite right for me or at least not in the traditional sense, and i've always been incredibly interested in space and the potential for life outside of earth. so when i was looking around at grad schools and searching for POIs last semester, i stumbled across some astrobiology programs and realized that was what i want to do! i don't have any specific ideas in mind for what i want to work on, but so far i'm interested in geomicrobiology and geochem so basically microbial stuff. i learned a little bit about europa and enceladus last semester in my astronomy class, they're so interesting! i definitely think there's a lot of potential there for life near the hydrothermal vents. also, re: having sort of unclear/broad interests, the POIs i've talked to said that's good! at least in their opinions. i think in astrobiology in particular, they're looking for creative thinkers who want to incorporate information from a bunch of different fields, 'cause there's so much we don't know about other planets so honestly anything is informative. @Yunix i'm hoping to work with frank corsetti, if i'm accepted! have you worked with him before or taken any classes he's taught?
  6. oh nice that's good to know! i've been nervous about contacting my POIs, i don't want to bug them lol. i applied to earth sciences. do you think different departments send out letters at different times? i guess it might depend on how many apps they've gotten in a given year, as well...
  7. i'm a little late on this train but the waiting is killing me so i guess i've gotta do something to pass the time. Undergrad Institution: liberal arts, women's collegeMajor(s): geosciencesMinor(s): n/aGPA in Major: 3.58Overall GPA: 3.40Position in Class: pretty average i thinkType of Student: domestic, femaleGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 151V: 160W: 4.0Research Experience: research intensive study abroad program for biology, year-long research project in sedimentary geology and i'll be presenting at a couple symposiums (still in progress) Special Bonus Points: lgbt female, which i guess might be helpful? only one school asked about sexual orientation in the application so. i'm also the first person in my family to go into the sciences and i'll be the first to get a phd (eventually lol). my school is pretty well known so generally all of the POI's i've talked to have thought that was something of a "bonus point," i guess. one of my recommenders is an alum from one of the schools i'm applying to, and from that department, so i think (hope) that helps as well. Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: i'm applying to everywhere but USC for a master's, but i've mentioned to a POI at UCR that i'd be interested in switching to a phd. i've had skype or phone conversations from POIs at every school and they went really well, but i'm still pretty nervous since none of them had seen my application yet. Applying to Where:uc riverside - earth sciences - astrobiology/geochemistryuc davis - earth and planetary sciences - astrobiology/paleobiology/geochemistryuniversity of southern california - earth sciences - astrobiology/geomicrobiologycal state fullerton - geological sciences - invertebrate paleontology
  8. i applied this year, haven't heard back yet :/
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