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  1. We're only a 1.5 weeks into school, but I genuinely like everyone in my cohort. Really happy about that.
  2. @MarineBluePsy Designating today as my veg out time. I definitely need it. I'm surprised by how nice my place is. Maintenance is prompt, management is friendly, pre-furnished with pieces that are attractive, comfortable, *and* functional. 2/3 roommates have moved in so far. We pretty much do our own things w/o getting in the way of each other, but we chit-chat whenever we cross paths. No one knows about our last roommate. Haven't heard from him at all. All in all, I'm grateful. Just in awe that I'm finally here.
  3. Between moving into town, moving into my apartment, grocery shopping, GA training, and program orientation, I am beat. Been up since 3:30 AM to drop my parents off to the airport. School hasn't even started yet. Cedus lapedus.
  4. Finally moved into my new town after a showcase of shit trying to get there. Everything from rude airport employees to missed flights to lost and found bags. Good news is had dinner with my co-workers today. They seem like lovely people. Grad orientation starts tomorrow!
  5. @Effloresce You need to nip this in the bud now. She is wrong on so many levels. This is why I laid out my rules and lifestyle to my roommates via email. No clue if it will work, but least I tried.
  6. I think it's a West coast thing. I'm attending Oregon State and a friend's at Seattle U. We both start late September.
  7. @sjoh197 Imagine working in student affairs. Helicopter parents are the antitheses of our work. @Neist App season feel soooo long ago. On this day last year, I was putting in my first application for grad school. In a week, I will be moving!
  8. @pterosaur Harvard is a beautiful campus, but that is mega creepy. P.S. Go thrifting at Oona's. I need to live vicariously through you. God I loved that place when I toured campus.
  9. Reach out when you get the chance. The support will be helpful I'm sure.
  10. @sjoh197 We all deserve to sleep like that. The company shipping my car delayed pickup to tomorrow...the day TS Hermine's supposed to hit Georgia. :|
  11. Sorry. Meant to say 'trans / gender non-confirming'. @Neist Go her! For the most part, college campuses are havens for trans / genderqueer folks. Being from the Deep South, I'm happy to be moving to the PNW. I hate hate hate inconsiderate pedestrians. If a car hits you, regardless of law, you're more likely to get hurt than the driver. Happy I'll only need my car for groceries and traveling.
  12. @MarineBluePsy I don't find it nice to talk about the delivery guy's weight. One of my professors, who's also trans, invited me to join a trans/gender non-confirming committee. We also geeked out over The Hunger Games.
  13. In the same boat. I'm one of the few people I know that prefers reading over visual media. I've never used Amazon Prime. Thrifting is my weakness. Got great finds through Goodwill. @sjoh197 That was a wild visual. Maybe chamomile tea will help with the weird dreams? One of my roommates finally responded to my e-mail. Lo and behold, she's also trans! Seems like a cool person. Made my stress go down a tiny bit. P.S. I'm buying white Christmas lights for my bedroom. It's cheesy but IDGAF. Happy to hear about everyone's start. Keep up the positive vibes.
  14. I had the opposite thought when I moved from Southeast Georgia to New York. Our country is so hilly! @sjoh197 I can't recall any David Bowie songs. Please don't hurt me. @Neist Just bought The Sims 4 two weeks before I move. Not a good idea. Found out my program is tailgating for the first football game of the season. First time tailgating *plus* haven't been to a football game since senior year Homecoming seven years ago. How do sports work again?
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