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  1. 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

  2. 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    email from dr. noe, who i believe is sending out all the notifications (though, i may be wrong. perhaps another person with admit or wl notification could help confirm one way or another) thank you! yes, it is. i did not realize they would be sending out official notifications so soon.
  3. 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    i posted one of the berkeley acceptances. for those interested, my aoi are history of modern philosophy (esp. kant, nietzsche, wittgenstein), aesthetics and perception, and method. while there are some details i'll need to work out and think over, it is likely that i will accept this offer
  4. 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    yea, now that i've thought about it, i should have waited to post until i wasn't going to be ambiguous. i guess i just got too excited...sorry, everyone.
  5. Publishing - Strategies, resources, etc.

    just out of curiosity, does any one know anything about publishing in edited collections, in contrast to journals is having a paper included as a chapter in an edited volume more or less challenging? does either have more "prestige" than the other? how does the revision process work with papers used as chapters in an edited book? ...or, does publishing in the field primarily occur in journals and edited books are special cases in which the conditions vary?
  6. Rejection Thread

    Got my NYU rejection (no surprise). But I'm curious...does everyone receive the message that they'd be a good candidate for the bioethics MA?
  7. Waitlist Thread

    It doesn't look like Stanford has sent any WL notification yet... I wonder if they'll be sending those out today.
  8. Acceptance Thread

    Congrats !! did you just receive an email ? Or was it earlier in the day?
  9. Venting Thread

    OK. so this is probably the last full week of expected notifications! This is going to be a stressful few days...good luck, all.
  10. Rejection Thread

    I dunno. I'd wait to hear something definitive before you assume a rejection—at least in the case of Boston. Last year, I didn't hear anything from them and assumed it was a rejection...but on April 13 they told me I had been on a waitlist, and gave me some details in the case that a spot became available (though, one did not become available). I suppose the chances of getting admitted off a "secret" waitlist is pretty low, but it must not be that impossible if schools actually make a practice of having such lists.
  11. Rejection Thread

    i just looked at the past dates for depaul rejections... I wonder why some of their rejections are via email while other postal? that seems strange haha
  12. Waitlist Thread

    So...think we'll see any more Yale WL??
  13. Waitlist Thread

    so with 4 Yale acceptances posted, I'm guessing thats all were going to see. bummer. But there's probably still WL announcements coming, right???? RIGHT?! RIIIGHT?!
  14. Do you mean that you are primarily applying to MA programs this year? If so, from my experience, your scores might be just fine. It sounds like I may have had similar scores when I was applying to MA programs—I had 164 (v), 152 (q), 4.5 (aw)—and, I got into several MA programs when I was applying to them. And at the recommendation of a professor, during my MA I retook the GRE to improve them for my PhD applications.
  15. Acceptance Thread

    To the DePaul admit: had you previously had an interview? Or is this the first you heard from them? And congrats!!