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  1. Wow, that's super early! But I totally get you. I had to re-read my e-mail from NAU to check if it was a mistake as well. I have also just received my first acceptance from NAU yesterday, 1/30. I was surprised because I submitted my application last minute, 1/13.
  2. Apparently, their cohort is full. ? I found out today.
  3. Thank you! And thanks for the update regarding your declination. Was there a deadline for turning down the offer?
  4. I haven’t yet. I’m on the fence about doing so.
  5. Hi! I was waitlisted and still haven’t heard back. Wondering whether or not I should email to inquire, but the waitlist email did request for prospective students to refrain from emailing until they do. Nervous!
  6. Thanks so much for all of the information! That's what I thought as well. During my undergrad, I DID have some hours signed off by a university CCC-SLP. I just need to complete more hours in order to complete the 100 hours minimum. Would you happen to know if that's permissible then?
  7. Hello everyone! As a recent graduate (from California) with a Bachelor's in Speech-Language Pathology, I have decided to take a year or two off to gather some experience and build up my confidence in the field before applying to graduate school. My goal is to become a certified SLP-A but I'm a bit confused about how to meet the minimum qualifications. I have a B.S., however, I do not have all of the 100 supervised hours required. What are my options in order to complete the 100 supervised hours? Do I have to enroll in a program? Or where/who should I turn to? Thanks so much! Feel free to correct me if I put out any wrong information. I may have misunderstood the ASHA requirements.
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