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  1. Hey, I am also waitlisted at Mizzou. Are you sure that only after April 15th would they tell you the final result?
  2. peco

    Declining 2016

    Thanks for that! What's your AOI?
  3. Hi, everyone. I am an international (East Asian) applicant. I have difficulty with choosing PhD programs of philosophy in US, Canada and UK. The programs accessible to me have similar rankings, strengths and fitness with my areas. Therefore, I want to know more about the differences of doing a philosophy PhD in these three countries.
  4. Last season I was waitlisted by western ontarion because of 'the limited funding for international students'...
  5. In that notification email, there is no information about whether there are acceptances that have been sent out. But there is an official (formal) letter as an attachment, which says I have been waitlisted...Anyway, good luck wth you..
  6. No. I got the notification on Jan 29.
  7. I have been put on an unranked waitlist at Minnesota..
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