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  1. Really random question, but as I am on the waitlist at UVA while in at a higher ranked school, I'm curious: what is UVA's Classics program like? Anyone know? Particularly the Latin poetry side of things? How is it socially too? Anyone care to chim in?
  2. I called the general department number at NYU. I didn't speak to any professors.
  3. I called the Classics Department at NYU on Tuesday or Wednesday of this past week actually. They suggested I wait until the end of the week (yesterday) when more decisions were going to be made. I didn't hear anything yet though! They also took my name down. Just fyi...
  4. Good luck! That's going to be an interesting and exciting few weeks. Let us know how it goes!
  5. By the way, none of the places I am waitlisted at are schools where you have offers so I am really just curious!
  6. Congratulations! That's fantastic although you had a tough decision even before today. Why aren't you doing the visit until then? Do you live abroad? Do you think you will winnow down your list to two or three before that week?
  7. Hey, thanks for answering my question Eurydice and Agrippina. Yes, the offer I have received is with full funding. I think that I could afford it, and that it would clinch the decision. They did leave it open for me to ask questions. Leaning towards asking about it!
  8. Also, I already have a PhD offer at a school I like if it makes any difference.
  9. Hey - so I am wait listed at three schools, none of whom do interviews. It seems as if I am on a very short wait list at one of the schools in particular. Do you think it would hurt to offer/politely ask to visit that school soon so that I could better get to know them and vice versa as I way to avoid my having to make a hasty decision should I be accepted on say April 14? Thanks for any insights and best of luck remaining patient!
  10. Hey - does anyone know what is going on with NYU? I haven't heard from them since they wrote to everyone in January saying they would be in touch for a Skype interview if they were interested. I guess they just send out late rejections? Probably coming today or next week...
  11. Thanks. Yes, one of my professors offered but also said I could just write directly. I think I am going to contact the school directly.
  12. Hi everyone, hope the waiting game is going OK. Question: do you all think there is a benefit to having one of my professors call a school I am waitlisted at on my behalf? To say that I have other offers and ask about my chances? Or is it better for me to email the school myself to express interest? What are your reasons?
  13. Anyone want to claim the Princeton admit that went up today? If so, what is your area of interest?
  14. Thanks, Cistai. I don't have a master's degree so it's good to know. It's cool you went out again, this time with a master's and another PhD offer under your belt!
  15. Is there anyone out there who did a fly out interview weekend and didn't get accepted or knows someone that happened to? What was the reason do you think? This didn't happen to me but wondering why it happens to try to avoid it.
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