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  1. what_is_the_mind

    Account Deletion

    Hi, Can I please get my account deleted? Thank you.
  2. what_is_the_mind

    Profile Picture

    Hi there, can I get my profile picture reset please? Thanks!
  3. what_is_the_mind

    Masters in Philosophy at SFSU vs Masters in Bioethics at NYU

    @another_time thank you for your reply! you made some solid points. balanced out the scales a bit...
  4. Hi guys, So I'm currently finishing up my BA at UCLA with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Cognitive Science. My career goals are to earn a PhD in Philosophy, research, and teach. I was accepted into the MA in Philosophy at SFSU, which is one of the top philosophy MA programs. (Two year program) Pros: Great department, I believe my tuition is covered and I have to just worry about housing, San Francisco, a straight path and preparation toward Philosophy PhD. They will allow me to TA, take classes in their Psychology department, as well as at Berkeley. And I get to pursue my interests in Philosophy of Mind and Cog Sci. Cons: Housing market, school not "prestigious" outside of philosophy. I was super stoked about this and accepted my offer immediately! (I got denied from every PhD program I applied to.) THEN, NYU said they forwarded my application over to the School of Global Public Health... and I was accepted with to their MA in Bioethics with a 10k scholarship. Pros: NEW YORK UNIVERSITY! One year program. NYC. Prestige. Edgy. Practical. I can get this MA, and then hopefully go off into a PhD in Philosophy and earn an MA in Philosophy there, so then I will have an MA in Bioethics AND Philosophy... Will probably look great for PhD apps. Seems like a really great program. Cons: Not sure if it will help me get into Grad School. Less time, but will be more expensive. Never had a huge interest in Bioethics but could make it work... (But maybe its a sign from the universe)... I have no idea what to do! Any advice is appreciated.
  5. what_is_the_mind

    2016 Acceptance Thread

    The decisions page is losing its credibility because of the (potentially) troll posts...
  6. what_is_the_mind

    2016 Acceptance Thread

    praying to Socrates and the Active Intellect that Chalmers calls me too T_T
  7. what_is_the_mind

    2016 Acceptance Thread

    Congrats! Currently a UCLA undergrad. Great department and great people (professors, grad students, and undergrads)
  8. what_is_the_mind

    2016 Acceptance Thread

    Yeah Its difficult contorting your mouth in that way. I suppose the "most correct" way would be something like "Keer-gigor"
  9. what_is_the_mind

    2016 Acceptance Thread

    Have a Scandanavian boyfriend.. Here is the OG way of pronouncing it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:DA-S%C3%B8ren_Kierkegaard.ogg
  10. what_is_the_mind

    2016 Acceptance Thread

    One Princeton is up...
  11. what_is_the_mind

    2016 Acceptance Thread

    Ugh, I wish I applied to the New School for Social Research. For some reason, I had never heard of it until after application season was over! Good luck.
  12. what_is_the_mind

    2016 Acceptance Thread

    BROWN!!! *crosses fingers*
  13. what_is_the_mind

    2016 Acceptance Thread

    Yes, it was great to hear something positive like "your application was" and "strong" in the same sentence. I've been going crazy with anxiety the past few days. This is the first contact I've had thus far, so it was slightly relieving.
  14. what_is_the_mind

    2016 Acceptance Thread

    Rejected from Chicago. But they referred me to the MAPH because my application was "strong". But it seems like they sent this to most. Was this the generic email? Thoughts?
  15. what_is_the_mind

    2016 Acceptance Thread

    Both + skepticism :3

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