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  1. @Animal Liberator I have heard people receiving acceptances, rejections, and waitlists - all yesterday. Maybe give them a call or shoot Bonnie Harris an email?
  2. Hey guys, just sending in an update: I've officially accepted my spot at Brown. I wrote to Iowa and Columbia letting them know they should pull me from consideration. I hope that clears the way and opens spots for some of you. This is my second year applying - got rejected from UCSD, rejected from Yale finals, and I gotta say, it's so very comforting to have you guys here with me moving through the same stressful motions. I am deeply appreciative of everyone's support/advocacy and it's a true testament to our community of playwrights. Keep writing, please. I know I have to. Sending you a
  3. Hey guys, just received my finalist email from Art Borreca, so I guess Iowa notices are trickling out. Best of luck!
  4. @jnp809 Regarding Brown - two of us have been offered admission. Neither I or the other playwright have officially accepted because we are waiting to hear back from other offers and there is a tricky situation happening there (faculty shifting). I am not sure what the waitlist situation looks like.
  5. Thanks, everyone! Still in shock. @TBA1982 I am holding off on confirming with Brown until I head to Yale and get a vibe for that program. I am still interviewing for Columbia with David tomorrow, which feels a little strange because I don't intend to give up Brown's full ride for that program. Best of luck everyone. What an incredibly arduous process.
  6. I have not gotten a UCSD notification, but I found out I got into Brown. I am at work and have to contain my excitement, but WHAT.
  7. Also, yes, @greenchile, congrats!! That rules. Hope that lifts a weight from your shoulders!
  8. @nerve Yes, I received an email from David Henry Hwang this morning notifying me of finalist interviews. I'm scheduled to have mine via Skype this Saturday. When filling out the doodle for scheduling there were about 14 other applicants listed (with names hidden, of course). @greenchile That makes sense re: UCSD. Guess that means I'm also out of the running!
  9. @SeaLou Erik Ehn is fascinating. I actually met him when I was seventeen years old, so it was interesting to come back to speaking with him years later. The conversation was mostly about Providence as an artistic environment, my interest in narratives through new media (VR & animatronics), current commissions I'm working on, the open-model philosophy behind Brown's curriculum, and how grad students are prepped as they leave after three years. @TBA1982 I haven't heard back about my itinerary. I also would suspect I hallucinated if it wasn't for me writing down all the information as I
  10. Just had my very kind and casual phone interview with Erik Ehn for Brown. It was mostly a call for me to ask questions, which kind of surprised me, but luckily I had plenty to ask. He said they are trying to get offers out by the end of this week or beginning of next. All out of my hands now!
  11. Hi guys. Thanks for all your well wishes. It really means a lot to me. I am interviewing with Brown on Monday and I found out I got into SAIC with a 50% scholarship earlier this week. I also got the call from Yale this morning. I am a finalist and they are flying me out in two weeks. Nothing feels real and I am filled with anxiety, hahahaha. Good luck you guys.
  12. @SeaLou Thanks! Unfortunately, the funding isn't great. It's a very expensive program that offers (I believe) one full ride and a few 50% packages, but cohort sizes are ~20 writers. The program is great, especially if you're a writer with other arts practices, and the facilities are incredible, but it is hard to imagine being able to afford it. Re: Brown - I got an email today from Erik notifying me I'm a finalist. We are currently scheduling an interview for next week. Good luck to everyone still waiting for news! Re: UCSD - I've been hearing rumors that the program has taken some f
  13. In other news, had my interview for SAIC's MFA Writing program this morning. Very brief - only about twenty minutes. They are a well-oiled machine, it seems. Got to interview with current Guggenheim Fellow Jesse Ball which was pretty cool. Very kind / generous faculty, but I'm anxious about the cost of the program.
  14. I'm in the same boat with Yale. Don't really know what it means, other than [maybe] we weren't in the first wave of rejections.
  15. Does anyone know much about the Rutgers MFA program? Kathleen Tolan just reached out to me per Naomi Iizuka's rec and I don't know anything about the program at all.
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