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  1. studentgal88

    Applying to OISE MT Program

    Thank you everyone for your help! I was also thinking of applying to York University's Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) program as a back up over MT at OISE. Because at that point I will already have had my bachelor's in science (B.Sc), would it be "stupid" to go for another bachelor's (in education)? Does B.Ed actually allow people to easily find teaching jobs as opposed to MT?
  2. studentgal88

    Applying to OISE MT Program

    Thanks! Do you happen to know if I have any chance of gaining acceptance into this program? And what I can do to improve my standing?
  3. Please also check out my question:
  4. studentgal88

    Applying to OISE MT Program

    Hi everyone, A 3rd year science student here. Thinking of applying to OISE (UofT)'s Masters of Teaching (MT) program, but am not sure if I will be accepted / chances of being accepted. My cGPA is 2.80 (I didn't do well for the first 2 years because of personal issues), and hoping final year GPA will be 3.80 (applying to MT in final year, so I'm not sure if they'll see this GPA before sending out admissions) I would like to apply for sernior/intermediate (Biology - Science, though my grades aren't that good in science), with second choice in English (my university english grades are all A's, top percentiles). I might be considering junior/intermediate instead though (for english/general science). My recent/present ECs in: - teacher's assistant in high school (science class, grade 10-11) - hospital (pediatrics) placement, assisting physician and child patients - mentoring university students (privately) in English - teaching piano and science for elementary school students (2013-2014) My 2 reference letters will be from my English TA who is familiar with me personally, and the science teacher that I assist at a nearby high school. Could some of you give me advice and opinions on my chances of gaining acceptance? I know my GPA is not that good - should I give up on applying to MT at OISE?

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